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Biological Science - Essay Example

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3. Meiosis results in genetic variation. This genetic variation takes place through chiasmata formation and crossing over. In contrast in mitosis, no genetic variation is possible since there is no chiasmata formation or crossing over.
5. The daughter cells formed during meiosis are all haploid (consisting just half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell), such that fusion of two such cells (fertilization) restores the normal diploid chromosome number…
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Biological Science
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Download file "Biological Science" to see previous pages... In mitosis, all the daughter cells resemble the parent cell chromosomal number and configuration (diploid).
6. During meiosis, the daughter cells formed are genetically different; in mitosis, the daughter cells are genetically identical.
7. Meiosis causes gamete formation or reproductive cells; mitosis causes increased population of somatic cells and causes repair of worn out cells and replaces dead cells.
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The commoner cell division is mitosis because the number of somatic cells is far greater

than the number of the reproductive cells. So, mitosis is the more frequent cell division.

2. Why is biodiversity so important Be detailed and discuss the various ramifications of losing our biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the key to the survival of every species. The existence of a wide variety of

species or other taxa of plants, animals, and microorganisms in a natural community is

called biodiversity. The main importance of biodiversity is stability of ecosystem. It also

provides huge amount of genetic material useful for humans. Biodiversity results in an

interspecies relationships, such as, scavenging, commensalisms, proto-cooperation,

symbiosis, etc. These interspecies relationships are caused by interaction between two

species so that each can be benefited from it. Foodweb is an important part of ecosystem.

More is number of species in an ecosystem, better will be the foodweb, which means

scarcity of food can be prevented by biodiversity. Apart from this, it can attract tourists

so that by ecotourism, the economic condition of the country can be improved. It can

promote pharmaceutical research, and indirectly, it can protect our civilization.

Loss of biodiversity affects the humans, animals, and nature. We know that quality

of foodweb depends upon biodiversity, so biodiversity loss can decrease the food

productivity causing prices of food to go up and even death in many cases. Chances of

natural disasters also increase with loss in biodiversity. Biodiversity can keep a check on

zoonotic diseases, so loss of it can increase health risks of humans from zoonotic

diseases. Plant diversity is the source of economy for the country because it provides

many products like, timber, fruits, wood fuels, etc. So damage in plant diversity can

cause the downfall of economy. This might lead to labor problems too. Loss of

biodiversity may lead to habitat destruction, which contributes to the extinction of the

animals. Apart from these, geographically, the continuous loss of forests affects rainfall,

hence can compromise the quality of water for household use.

3. Explain the following: biotic potential, carrying capacity, logistic vs. exponential growth.

Biotic potential: Biotic potential is the maximum rate at which the population could

increase. In ideal condition, the variables like maximum birth rate and minimum death

rate are determinants of biotic potential. However, the biotic potential can be influenced

by environmental resistances, such as, competition ...Download file "Biological Science" to see next pagesRead More
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