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Compare and Contrast Meiosis vs Mitosis - Essay Example

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Running Head: MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS Comparison and Contrast of Mitosis and Meiosis [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Comparison and Contrast of Mitosis and Meiosis The eukaryotic cells get divided by partitioning its chromosomes into two indistinguishable sets of chromosomes and this process occurs in the nucleus of the cell, this process of cell division is called mitosis1…
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Compare and Contrast Meiosis vs Mitosis
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"Compare and Contrast Meiosis vs Mitosis"

Download file to see previous pages The chromosomes that are created in the meiotic process contain dual copies of chromosomes that come from mother parent cell as well as father parent cell. In the end, in place of two cells, four cells are created having different chromosomes. The cells are not identical to the parent cells. The division in mitosis results in two pair of cells that are same as the parent cells while the four pair of cells created in meiotic process are not similar to the parent cells2. In mitotic process of cell division, the number of chromosomes produced in daughter cells is also similar to the number of chromosomes of parent cells. Mitotic cell division comes under the category of asexual reproduction while meiotic cell division comes under the category of sexual category. The mitotic asexual reproduction permits an organism to have duplicated versions of the original cell. Because of similarity of the offspring, the result of asexual reproduction is not diversified in asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction through meiosis results in gametes or spores found in animals and plants on earth3. The process of meiosis results in created of two copies of chromosomes, one from each father cell and mother cell resulting in four cells with one chromosomal copy of the parent cells. The results are diverse as the parental DNA get mixed and result in variety of cells. The offspring are diversified as compared to the parent cells through which, dissimilarity and variety can be found within the inhabitants4. The process of mitosis is responsible for cellular reproduction. It also enables general development and restoration of the body and cells. On the other hand, the process of meiosis is responsible for sexual reproduction5. The cell division in all organisms occurs through the process of mitosis while cell division in human beings, animals, plants and fungi occurs through the process of meiosis. Mitosis occurs in the somatic cells of the body that are accountable for constructing the body while meiosis occurs in the sex cells of the body responsible for reproduction. Mitosis cell division has one round of cell development while meiotic cell division has two rounds of cell development called Meiosis I and Meiosis II. The phases that occur stepwise in cell division are prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase in mitosis while in meiosis, the phases are double, following the same sequence as in Mitosis. The mitosis cell division produces two similar daughter cells identical to the parent cells while the meiosis cell division produces four diverse daughter cells dissimilar to the parent cells6. The daughter cells in meiosis are called haploid gametes. In mitosis cell division, the chromosomes are not able to get muddled up while in meiosis cell division, the chromosomes get combined resulting in diverse cells. The number of chromosomes in the mitotic cell division is the same as in parent cells while the number of chromosomes in the meiotic cell division is changed and is half as compared to parental cells. The parental cell that is able to divide in mitosis can be haploid or diploid while the parental cell that is able to divide in meiosis can be diploid only. The events known as crossing over and synapsis occur in meiosis I while these events do not happen in mitosis. There is genetic identity in mitotic division while genetic variation can be seen in meiotic division7. Vegetative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Compare and Contrast Meiosis Vs Mitosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
“Compare and Contrast Meiosis Vs Mitosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1492380-compare-and-contrast-meiosis-vs-mitosis.
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