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Ploidy Manipulation in Molluscs - Dissertation Example

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A polyploid is simply an organism with more than two sets of chromosomes. Such polyploid organisms are often found in plant species quite naturally though they are rare in animal species but, recently, a polyploid rat has been discovered in Argentina. …
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Ploidy Manipulation in Molluscs
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Extract of sample "Ploidy Manipulation in Molluscs"

Download file to see previous pages The benefit that triploid bivalves accrue to commercial interests mainly stems from two qualities they possess – multi-locus heterozygosity and sterility. It is also observed within the review process that M1 triploids are more profitable than M11 ones as they possess greater multi-locus heterozygosity and allelic diversity. Thus, the review concludes that inducing triploidy at the M1 stage is more beneficial. The review also finds that physical methods of inducing triploidy are not as efficient as chemical ones. On the other hand chemical; means are both costly and subject to control as some of the chemicals are extremely toxic and a hazard to the health of researchers, handlers and others including those who later consume bivalves. The alternative the review finds to direct chemical induction is th egenration of tetraploid breeding lines that can then to used to generate triploid individuals in two ways – either by mating tetraploid males and females or by mating tetraploid males with diploid females. This is prospective so far but the review finds dearth of efforts to induce triploidy at M1 stage by the more natural tetraploid processes outlined just now. The review points out that tetraplods can produce triploids more efficiently with less cost and effort as well as completely safely but now is the time when efforts should be expended to induce M1 triploidy utilising the tetraploid techniques. The review believes that such efforts can be effective if enough researchers put their minds to it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ploidy Manipulation in Molluscs Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10750 Words.
“Ploidy Manipulation in Molluscs Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10750 Words”, n.d.
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