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A Multi-proxy Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary Site at Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire - Coursework Example

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Deeping St. James is a former pond in very close proximity to the modern River Welland. It formed after the abandoning of a channel by the river during the ipswichian interglacial. Often climate change attributes to the changes of river behavior. …
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A Multi-proxy Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary Site at Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire
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Extract of sample "A Multi-proxy Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary Site at Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire"

Download file to see previous pages Through the analysis of the ecology that thrives in the region, one can distinctly identify the environmental conditions of the time. Although different proxies have analyzed different aspects of the ecology, this paper will highlight the analysis of different types of mollusks extracted from a sentiment sample from Deeping St. James. Through the identification and description of the mollusks in the sentiment, the paper will present a reconstruction of the environment of the pond and describe the environmental conditions of the time. Introduction Climate change accounts for the conditions evident geographically today. Archeologists have ventured into describing the probable processes and stages that resulted to the current environment. As environmental changes occur, a shift in the organisms that can thrive in certain ecological conditions occurs. Understanding the past environment can help in putting the current environment into perspective. Deeping St. James in Lincolnshire is one of the characteristic sites that that contains evidence of the climatic changes over time leading to the deposition of different materials. Climatic changes in the region have comprised periods of temperate conditions followed by extremely cold conditions. Different researchers have studies the palaeo-environment and produced different proxies that can suffice in providing information concerning the site over time (Haslett, 2002:1-2). A multi-proxy analysis approach is one of the critical ways in providing relevant information while reconstructing the past environment. The primary concern in Deeping St. James would was being able to analyze the different species of mollusks thriving in the environment today. A morphological and ecological definition of the species would shed light into the nature of past environment. This paper will analyze the species and provide a sketch of the reconstruction of the site during the ipswichian stage. The reconstruction of the palaeo-environment process begins with an analysis of the stratigraphy at Deeping ST. James in order to establish the geological framework of the site (Haslett, 2002:1-2). A thorough analysis of the available proxy records is essential in providing the basic palaeo-environment. The third and most critical step involves the development of a chronology of events that can help construct a dating framework. The next step involves the linking of different sequences using a correlation basis with data from other locations. Finally, a consideration of all lines of evidence helps in the synthesis of palaeo-environment. Methods In order to identify the mollusc species that thrives in the sediments at Deeping St. James Lincolnshire, there was a sample for analysis. The methods of analysis used depended on the sample and organism of interest. The source of the sample was the site of interest. The initial procedure involved an extraction of the organisms provided. After extraction, the available proxies and reference books served as resourceful materials in the identification of the extracted species, moreover, these materials provided information concerning the ecology of the species. The final procedure involved the development of a reconstruct of the palaeo-environment of the site. Procedure of Extraction The initial step involved sprinkling of a thin and even covering of the sample onto a petri-dish. The following step involved picking out all the shells ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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