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Feeding of Swine - Lab Report Example

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This project seeks to show the comparison of the effect of feeding of swine on the following basis: with Pay lean gilt, Low protein gilt, High protein gilt, Paylean barrow, Low protein barrow, and High protein barrow.
The study "Weekly growth and carcass response to feeding ractopamine (Paylean)" by Jason A…
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Feeding of Swine
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Extract of sample "Feeding of Swine"

Download file to see previous pages According to this study, research has also shown that after three weeks of feeding weight gain has reached its optimum but the carcass quality continues to improve with longer feeding. However, a problem has been observed since there is a decrease in the return in the dose and feeding duration. This research found out that the greatest weight gain was in the first week and declined beyond three weeks and no gain thereafter. It was also found out that feed intake increased in the first two weeks and decreased in the following weeks. Moreover, there was a "percent yield increased logarithmically over a 4-week feeding period for both 4.5 and 9 g/ton. Finally, 9 g/ton feeding gave greater yield than 4.5g/ton dose and optimal feeding was three to four weeks before market.
In addition, the study "Pig Performance by Using Paylean" by Larry K. McMullen and Arlin Karsten affirms that feeding of ractopamine "at the 9 grams/ton level in the finishing diet for 28 days increased the production parameters of grow-finish pigs and resulted in a greater economical advantage over the pigs fed a traditional finishing diet."
This research is anchored on these two studies, however it has modifications as to the comparison and contrast of the swine production based on the different feeding components such as: with Paylean, high and low protein gilts or young female pigs and barrows or castrated male pigs.
For each of the s
For each of the study group, four pigs are used. The first group is composed of gilts fed with Paylean. These Paylean Gilts consumed 1132.2 lbs. feed during the whole duration of the study and showed increase in weight of 101.7, 127.61, 112, and 95.01 lbs. or an average of 109.08 lbs. It has also manifested an ADG (average daily gain) of 2.09475 lbs.
The second group is fed Low Protein feed. The Low Protein Gilts consumed 1078.8 lbs. feed or 32 bags and showed an increase in weight of 60.6, 80.61, 76, and 55 lbs. or an average of 68.0525 lbs. It has also an ADG of 1.305 lbs.
The third group is fed with High Protein diet. For the High Protein Gilts that consumed 1089.20 lbs. feed, the weight increase are 89.8, 85.5, 65.6, and 68.5 or an average of 77.35 lbs. It has also an ADG of 1.4775 lbs.
The other set of pigs under study are the barrows . For the Paylean Barrows at 23.5 lbs. feed and 24 bags, there is a weight increase of 106.2, 93.2, 100.4, and 96.4 or an average of 99.05 lbs. It has also an ADG of 1.9025 lbs.
The next group of barrows is fed with Low Protein diet. The Low Protein Barrows consumed 1570.8 lbs. feed over 52 days and showed an increase in weight of 77.6, 69.6, 83.4, and 89.4 lbs. or an average of 80 lbs. It has also an ADG of 1.5325 lbs.
The last group of barrows is fed with High Protein feed. For the High Protein Gilts that consumed 1220.9 lbs. feed or 25 bags, the weight increase are 68.8, 85, 85.8, and 78 or an average of 79.4 lbs. It has also an ADG of 1.525 lbs.
The above data imply that both Gilts and Barrows fed with Paylean yield the highest weight gain. In addition, in the Low Protein, Barrows have a slightly higher yield than High Protein feed at 0.0075 difference and for the Gilts High Protein feed is higher than Low Protein feed at 0.1725 lbs. difference.
In other words, Paylean still gives a higher weight gain compared to High Protein and Low Protein feed in both Gilts and Barrows. For the High and Low Protein feed on both the Gilts and Barrows, it shows very slight difference which may indicate that the dosage of protein ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Feeding of Swine Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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