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The Importance of Warming Up Prior To Playing Golf - Essay Example

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This essay entitled "The Importance of Warming Up Prior To Playing Golf" concerns the preventative medicine particularly in the arena of sports. Reportedly, while participating in sports warming up is a major part of preventative medicine thus preventing injury…
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The Importance of Warming Up Prior To Playing Golf
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Warming Up Prior To Playing Golf"

Download file to see previous pages When observing the game of golf one has to wonder what preparation and strategy take place prior to one actually stepping onto the course to play. To the eye of an observer, golfers tend to appear to approach the sport with a calm aloofness and confidence. Even with this restrained countenance, there is certainly a set of masterful skills at work as well as preparation to take on a game that requires an inordinate amount of focus for success. Strategic preparation and pre-game warm up contribute to this confidence. Though the game of golf appears a relaxed and laid back sport it also in its own right can be intense, requiring great focus, physical endurance, and excellent visualization skills. So it is one must know what to do to prepare physically to garner this focus and perform at peak performance on the course while avoiding injury.Warming up prior to a game of golf not only enhances flexibility, it prevents injury and improves one's’ game. By warming up ones’ body otherwise tight muscles are stretched and lengthened decreasing the chance of pulling and straining while allowing for optimum performance during ones’ swing. In today’s society, golfers range in ages from teens up to seniors. Certainly, as we age our flexibility decreases and our bone structure changes creating greater challenges physically. Age does not necessarily have to be a detriment to one’s game. It is the approach and preparation that must change. One must treat the body as a finely tuned instrument. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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