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Ipod Analysis - Research Paper Example

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An ipod is portable electronic device that is used for playing MP3 files .In addition; it can be used to download books and other literature material. Its development dates back to the 20th century where portable music could only be accessed on large cassette players and later on walkmans…
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Ipod Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The other target group for the ipod is the students who may wish to download books and access certain information online.
This consists of the famous 4Ps which include: Price, Place involving distribution to consumption point, Product which should be designed to suit customer needs and finally Promotion which enables the producer to increase their sales. This section shall analyze the various elements of the marketing mix in relation to the ipod as below:
The ipod has very unique key features which make it likable among the users. One of these features is the fact that it has a large storage capacity which enables the user to store as much documents as he or she wishes.
A critical benefit of the ipod is that you can access whatever you want without necessarily having to carry the computer. . The product is presented in the market as one with the best satisfaction qualities. It has the best use interface with a touch screen that enables the user to perform their functions with much ease.
Promotion is aimed at either making the product known to the consumer or may be aimed at increasing sales where the market is already ventured into. In this case during the introduction of the ipod the marketer undertook an extensive advertising by using print media, posters in public places and even television commercials. The marketer presented the advert displaying people using the ipod to enable the potential consumers to be able to visualize how the gadget works (Kotler, et al., 2009).
In the adverts the ipod was positioned as a cool product for the present generation by dwelling on the main features and benefits of the gadget.
Direct selling was also incorporated in places where the potential buyers could not access either posters, print media or even the Television commercials.
Pricing Strategy
The main pricing strategy for the ipod is the cost based pricing where the price is set with a certain profit margin bearing the costs in mind. This price is aimed at achieving more revenue. This is because ipod consumers will associate the high price to quality since as earlier explained most ipod consumers are middle and high class people.
At the introduction stage, prices were set high in order to cover most costs .The aim of the ipod manufacturer was to venture quickly into the market and conquer all consumers and therefore increase sales before counterfeits came to the market. The result was acquisition of the top cream buyers who were less concerned with the price charged.
At growth stage a significant amount of the market had been covered and counterfeit ipods had started developing .Since marketers of the new ipods were setting low prices for their products, the price had to be adjusted in order to match those of the competitors to avoid being thrown out of the market .Price was thus set in comparison with that of other manufacturers (Ranchhod & Clin, 2007).
Place Distribution strategy
A product is useless when it can not reach the target market. Therefore a marketer should make efforts to ensure that the product reaches the consumer in the desired form and at the right place. The ipod manufacturer took the initiative to make sure that the prod ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ipod Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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