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Marketing report (Analysis & SWOT ipod touch or iphone 4) - Essay Example

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Introduction Apple Inc is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world offering mainly computing related consumer goods and services. Based in US, Apple started as a computer manufacturing firm offering its own hardware and software to run on the computer machines manufactured by Apple itself…
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Marketing report (Analysis & SWOT ipod touch or iphone 4)
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Download file to see previous pages Apple’s target market is often young and middle aged adults looking for excitement on the go and it’s because of this reason that Apple has developed products which offer the entertainment element on the go. Consumers can rip their music, videos and photos on their devices and carry them and use them wherever they go. Apple has also attempted to target young professionals by offering them products like Apple IPhone and Apple IPad to check their emails, surf internet as well as watch videos and movies anywhere anytime. The overall marketing mix of the company is based upon offering premium products through its own chain of stores and other partners besides having an online store. Further, the brand recognition of Apple has reached to a level where its products are self selling in nature. This report will present a situational analysis of one of its newly launched products i.e. Apple Iphone 4 with special reference to London, UK. Situational Analysis This section will discuss both the internal as well as external environment of Apple Iphone 4 with first section will be on the assessment of the internal environment. Internal environment Iphone 4 is a sequel to the much successful Iphone product line of Apple which has overtaken the smartphones market by storm. Based on the Apple’s own mobile operating system, this product combined the Apple’s already successful MP3 Player IPod with the added utility of mobile phone and other applications. The IPhone therefore was the result of the vision to combine music and mobile communication on the go while allowing consumers to check their emails, surf internet and use so called apps on their Iphones. It is also important to note that Iphone 4 comes with added features such as retina display, face time as well as with iBooks where consumers can actually read the eBooks on their Iphone4. (Apple Inc, 2010). These features were absent from the earlier versions of the Iphone. Apps have also proved a really an important source of not only improving the productivity but also created fun and excitement for the users also. (Sintumuang, 2011) Like its predecessor, Iphone was targeted as the young and middle age individuals who were looking for some added functionalities in the phone. Apple therefore has followed the segmentation strategy based on people rather than on markets. (Asay, 2010) Iphone 4 comes with the face time utility allowing users to make video calls besides enjoying high speed internet. Consumer trends therefore suggest that the customers are willing to pay the premium price for the product given the brand name and product quality of the phone. It is also important to note that Apple faced a rather tricky situation at the beginning of the launch of Iphone due to some technical issues which somewhat distracted the customers. However, the situation was overcome and the new models are now being sold with further technical refinements. A closer look at the marketing mix situation of the product would suggest that Iphone4 is priced at premium and is sold in the range of ?500 to ?6201 for two different models according to the storage capacity. Pricing of the product therefore suggest that Apple is charging premium for the quality and breadth of services it provides through its allied service iTunes. Product is mostly distributed through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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