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Created by Steve Jobs in distant 2007 this phone still remains one of the most popular devices of the decade. IPhone has changed two major things in mobile industry: the way how people use…
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Download file to see previous pages As a result we have a tiny multifunctional computer that had impact on the whole software industry of the world.
It seems that every child in the USA knows who created an iPhone and an iPad. In 2007 when iPhone was released Time magazine named it the invention of the year. Obviously iPhone made people look on mobile phone in a completely new way. First of all, iPhone was designed in a revolutionary way: exquisite touch screen and glass-and-stainless steel case appealed to all the users. It changed the way how people used devices as buttons become redundant with touch screen introduction. People understood that this phone felt in a different way. Moreover, iPhone incorporated an iPod, which had already become the music player everyone wanted, with a camera of a good quality. So it functioned in a completely new way. IPhone allowed its owner to connect to any available wi-fi within seconds and made Web surfing or chatting in social networks really easy. Most importantly, iPhone was equipped with a special full-functioning operating system called iOS which actually turned it into a small computer. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, spent several years together with his best employers trying to create functional multi-touch display and special operational system which was further used for an iPhone. It took three years for developers to turn a raw phone with major problems in software and hardware into a desirable device (Murtazin, 2010). All in all, by creating such sophisticated products Apple has influenced the whole industry: it made its opponents to look for more elegant, less expensive and more functional solutions for their devices. Apple started an evolution in the sphere of gadgets updating its products year after year.
The reason of iPhone exceptional popularity is that it is not a telephone but rather a walk-around computer. It incorporates a number of valuable functions in it. Though ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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