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Apple Marketing analysis - Research Paper Example

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The growth of Apple from a market competitor to a market leader is visible in the setting, operations and enterprise presentations by the organization. From these presentations, one is able to relate to the organization’s SWOT analysis…
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Apple Marketing analysis
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Download file to see previous pages In his opening remarks, Steve Jobs uttered ‘listening to music will never be the same again’ (Jackson, 2001). From this statement, the audience was captured by the eagerness to know the outstanding features of the IPod. This was an auto communication strategy which aimed at creating an eager mood in the minds of the audience and the market. In auto communication, the relationship between the market and the organization is based on the effectiveness of the communication skills used when approaching the market (Lars, 1997). The communication approach in the IPod launch was effective as Steve Jobs laid down in understandable pieces the outstanding features of the IPod. He tried to win the market’s attention by creating outstanding remarks on the IPod from other mp3 gadgets. For instance, the ability of the IPod to transfer music albums faster than any other gadget in the market was effectively explained by Jobs. He said that the need to have faster music transfers is important: a normal mp3 player takes up to five hours to receive about 100 song from a PC but it only takes 5 minutes when using an IPod (Jackson, 2001). Jobs knew the community he had a responsibility of pleasing which in this case is the music generation which was growing at a greater rate. In this particular community, the mutuality in an effective music player was it was to be easy and faster to operate, must have a large holding capacity and able to auto sync with PCs (Jackson, 2001). These requirements were effectively highlighted during the presentation. During the presentation, Jobs also had the responsibility of ensuring he pleases the need of the five market forces which are mainly based on competitors (Porter, 1979). He knew that the IPod had...
Partnerships with giant organizations to create a revolutionary product are viewed by the consumer as appreciation of their needs. Additionally, this aims to give a significant competitive advantage over their competitors since they have to math this trend which in this case is a difficult task (Porter, 1979). From this presentation, one could easily note the fact that Apple is market leader since the presentation had lesser confrontations with competitors compared to the presentation ten years back. However, Steve Jobs could not let down the fact that Apple was setting a new trend in the electronics market and no competitor could match that. Apple was leading in terms of innovation of community based products and in terms of recording massive sales returns.
The most outstanding fact about this particular presentation is the fact that the market analysis was effectively done so as to address as much as needs by the markets as possible (Porter, 1979). For instance, Jobs realized the need by the market to have visuals incorporated in the electronics gadgets rather than the PCs. For this reason, he fitted the IPad with video abilities like access to YouTube in high definition, ability to purchase and download movies and access TV shows (allaboutstevejobs, 2001). The presentation of this particular part was effectively done as Jobs played his favorite videos during the presentation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Apple Marketing Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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