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Answer Questions Part 2 - Essay Example

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Based on what you have been given in Fact Set 1, is the evidence compelling that Megagargantuan or its representative, Jack Hasenpfeffer, is responsible for the theft of the confidential marketing plan from Trigraph
From the facts presented in the investigations hired by both Trigraph and Megagargantuan it is clear that the systems at Trigraph had an access event and that the result of this access event was transfer of a data file from Trigraph to Megagargantuan servers…
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Answer Questions Part 2
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Download file to see previous pages Each such attack, irrespective of the location from where it is initiated, would also have the server to server IP address access details and these should have been highlighted in the audit of log data.Morever the staring point of this investigation should have been the proof underlying the tip. Chat softwares normally keep record of the chat data and it is available time and date wise. Hacker chat site, where the alleged boasting was done by Jack Hasenpfeffer, should have been approached to obtain more substance to the claim of the theft of the marketing plan. This would have rightly set the investigation on the right course. As the investigations stand Trigraph side has proven that the recipient email address was that of Jack Hasenpfeffer; however until unless it is proven that the hack tool author was Jack Hasenpfeffer and that he alone had intruded the Trigraph systems using such a tool and that such a tool had sent the data file to Jack Hasenpfeffer; it cannot be concluded easily that Jack Hasenpfeffer was responsible for the theft of the marketing plan. ...
ack Hasenpfeffer's personal system; but the moot question here is if these addresses were the only ones available to Jack Hasenpfeffer and if there were no possibilities of using the hacking tool from any other address. In fact, Megagargantuan's investigations have left out the vital fact that they had examined all case of firewall intrusions in the under consideration time interval. However, one fact of Megagargantuan's investigation is a grave point that stands against their own case; they have conceded that a copy of the disputed information was found on Megagargantuan's servers. This still leaves us at the above conclusion that the marketing software was accessed and received at Megagargantuan's servers; however, the act cannot be readily attributed to Jack Hasenpfeffer.

Question 2: (1/3 page answer)

Assuming that both you and T. William Stoat testify in the trial of the case presented in Fact Set 1, is the expert testimony based on sufficient facts or data
Is the testimony the product of reliable principles and methods Have the principles and methods been applied reliably to the facts of the case

The testimony of both the experts cannot be considered to be based on reliable principles and methods. In fact in Trigraph investigations-which have given rise to testimony facts- it is already pointed out that they picked the thread from one step ahead of the step required to be taken up. They totally bypassed the collecting information and data on the chat room boasting by Jack Hasenpfeffer. This would have provided circumstantial evidence to Jack Hasenpfeffer's involvement even if the use of hacking tool could not be attributed to him. Moreover, the tools used to obtain system images are labeled as popular public software in Trigraph investigations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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