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One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper showing that lower education will result in a lower income for a working adult - Thesis Example

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The chosen alpha level is .05. The p-value should be less than .05. P-value is the probability of getting the results if the null were actually true. It is the probability you would be in error if you rejected the null hypothesis. The hypothesis will be rejected or accepted using = .05…
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One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper showing that lower education will result in a lower income for a working adult

Extract of sample "One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper showing that lower education will result in a lower income for a working adult"

Download file to see previous pages If the p-value is less than .05, the normality assumption will be rejected and the t-test could not be conducted. Otherwise, if the p-value is greater than .05, there is insufficient evidence to suggest the distribution is not normal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper Showing That Lower Education Will Thesis.
“One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper Showing That Lower Education Will Thesis”, n.d.
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