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Philosophy, What Represents a Personality - Essay Example

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Attributes are the rudimental features that represent a personality, highlighting the characteristics of a person are referred to as "personal attributes" or qualities of a person. These attributes are features of the personality that develops a distinction between people…
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Philosophy, What Represents a Personality

Download file to see previous pages... Every individual in the society is influenced by a particular behaviour, which is learned by adapting the conditions of external environment, escorted by the unique characteristics combined to form a personality; it depends upon the quality of characteristics to form personality, however it entirely depends upon the way of thinking of an individual as to how he perceives such attributes. Like for example intelligence could be taken in the positive sense as well as in the negative sense.
When a person utilizes his "intelligence" capability in the positive manner, his visions are likely to be broader in accepting the different forms of knowledge. Similarly when a person is characterized by certain motivational and positive approach, while utilizing his creative skills, he starts thinking of perceiving knowledge and while thinking in a forward direction he would consciously or unconsciously search for the logic behind that approach. Another example is of a student who has attained a "bad" grade, is scolded by his teacher. If, approached in a positive way, he would work hard to achieve a better grade the next time. In this manner he is ready to accept any advice and considers it useful, and as long he remains positive and work hard, he search for the logic behind that advice given to him by his teacher.
The negative attributes are identified by the impedance towards a positive approach or we can say as a lack of "can do" attitude. When the positive qualities of a person are superseded by the negative influence of personality, then the negative attributes cause him harm by blocking the ways of knowledge. In the above example if the student, instead of realizing his mistake and working hard, does not bother about the teacher's comments and continue with a careless attitude that would be considered as a negative element of his personality. Further more, if he were followed by arrogance, then for sure he would go on with his "uncaring" approach, which would ultimately hinder in the way of "acceptance of knowledge", cause him harm and he would be in a loss.

Personal Epistemology

Epistemology is concerned with the origin, nature, limits and methods of human knowledge. It is obvious that a person who is influenced by positive characteristics searches for knowledge. His mind actually searches logic behind knowledge and justified reasoning behind logic. So we can say it serves as a chain ware comprising of knowledge, logic and reasoning. Reasoning because a sensible positive approached person's mind does not accept things if they are not justified to the extent of satisfying the mind. Here comes the perception, which is built when his mind is satisfied by the justifiable reasoning. Now the question arises, if a positive minded person searches for reasoning to find logic, which later becomes his perception, then what about the justifications of a negative minded person Here come two cases. Either the negative approached person does not seek for logic because his mind does not feel in need of justifications. We can say in this sense he is lack of common sense, his mind is devoid of creativity to seek the truth or logic. That implies that such a person is devoid of intelligence required for justifications. Or, in the other case, if he seeks for logic, it would be in his own interest, supporting his views, his decisions and ultimately encourage his own perceptions. So, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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