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European Business Environment - Essay Example

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The United Kingdom is a Western European Country that consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland; pop. 60,270,000; capital, London; language, English (official). (McKean, 2005) Full name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…
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European Business Environment

Download file to see previous pages... The UK became a member of the EC (now the EU) in 1973.) (McKean, 2005).
The European Union (EU) refers to the 25 nations that have joined together to form an economic community (EC), with some monetary, political, and social aspirations. (Law, 2006). The European Union was created in 1993 from the EC, which itself emerged from the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Atomic Energy Community, and the European Economic Community (EEC). (Law, 2006).
The 12 nations of the EC (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK) were joined by Austria, Sweden, and Finland in 1995 and by (Greek) Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia in May 2004. The Executive Body of the European Union is the European Commission, which was formed in 1967 with the Council of the European Communities. (Law, 2006). EU policy emerges from a dialogue between the Commission, which initiates and implements the policy, and the Council, which takes the major policy decisions. The European Parliament, formed in 1957, exercises democratic control over policy, and the European Court of Justice imposes the rule of law on the EU, as set out in its various treaties. Although a draft EU Constitution, proposing the creation of an EU president and foreign minister, was published in 2004, its future is now uncertain following rejection by the electorates of France and the Netherlands. (Law, 2006).
The United Kingdom became a member of the EU on 1st January 1973. (http://www.eurofaq.freeuk.com/#130). According to section 2 of the enabling legislation, the European Communities Act, 1972, established the principle of the European Law would always prevail over British Law in the event of a clash, thereby overthrowing the supremacy of the British Parliament. (http://www.eurofaq.freeuk.com/#130).
The issue as to whether The UK continues to be nothing but a hindrance to the process of European Integration, to the disadvantage of business throughout Europe is a controversial one. On the one hand it might be argued that the UK's continuous refusal to join the EMU's single currency the euro makes it difficult for the EU as a whole to eliminate foreign exchange risk in European firms given that the pound continues to fluctuate against the euro and other European currencies such as the Swedish Krona, the Norwegian Krona and the Danish Krona. On the other hand one can also argue that the UK's economy is significantly ahead of many economies in the euro zone, and therefore becoming a member of the EMU can have devastating effects on the UK's economy. In the final analysis, this paper will argue against the above claim that the UK is a hindrance to the progress of European Integration and to the disadvantages of business throughout Europe. The following points can be advanced to refute these claims.
The European Union established a single market, which refers to the concept of a single integrated market that underlies trading in the European Union, as codified in the Single European Act (1986), which was introduced in 1987 with a target date of 31 December 1992 for completion. (Law, 2006). According to Law (2006), The Single Market came into force on 1 January 1993 with between 90% and 95% of the necessary legislation enacted by all member countries. In practice, however, some of its terms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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There are particular areas of European Union law which have experienced dramatic adjustments thereby posing consistent complicated queries as regards regulations. This is focused on the fact that the law is involved in playing the role of controlling dominance by way of competition legislations especially in liberalized European markets.
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European Business Environment
In fact, the crisis has augmented the gap between the resilient core and susceptible peripheral member countries. This paper shall discuss how the institutional structure of the Eurozone got agreed, in such a way that it became unprepared, to meet the challenges posed by the recession since 2008.
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European Business Environment
However since the inception of this Eurozone and when its policies and financial structure was designed, several economists and experts raised their voices against the potential issues that could be faced by the region in the future and circumstances certainly proved them to be right.
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European Business Environment
It intention was removal of barriers to trade such as quotas and tariffs thus liberalising the European market. However, the elimination of non-tariff barriers was a challenge due to lack of integration; each country had own practices hence a single market was only possible in agriculture (McGowan, 2010).
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The european business environment
This gave rise to a quota system in the region. However, as agreed in WTO’s 1995 GATT agreement the Multilateral Agreement on Textile and Clothing was expired in 2005. This was done step by step and in phases. Since 2009 trade in the T/C sector is fully license and quota free.
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European Business Environment Essay
The main aim of the European Union formation was the economic development, political goal achievement and safety of benefits of member states. With many uncommon characteristics the success of single market was not very obvious. These differences include difference in language, political and cultural differences, individual national interests, and national market regulations, which was required to protect local markets.
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European Business and Policy Environment
The intervening period between medieval and modern ages saw Europe emerge from a region of conquests and conflicts to a union of tremendous power and potential in continental and global affairs. The scientific and technological advantages Europe gained gave her leading position in economic affairs.
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The reality is otherwise as federalism implements a system of power that is controlled by a democratic process (ley Berry). The Single Market, which resulted from the Single European Act, is a very important commercial measure that has been adopted by the
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One of the major purposes of this integration was to bring about development in their trade affairs which are supposed to have direct
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Recent Current Event Analysis
eportedly conducted by the Ohio State University with Erik Nisbet, an assistant professor and lead author indicating that “instead of the internet promoting fundamental political change, it seems to reinforce political change in countries that already have at least some level
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