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Shariah Law - Essay Example

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Indonesian Province Embraces Islamic Law, and Canings, an article in The New York Times by Jan Perlez was published in August of 2006, shortly after the tsunami in Indonesia. Aceh is a province that has participated in the Islamic religion form many years but put Shariah law including courts in place recently…
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Shariah Law
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"Shariah Law"

Download file to see previous pages It seemed to me that there were no reasons to allow that to happen and yet it seemed that not only was it being allowed by the one being beaten but by those that were watching the beating. I just didn't understand and to be honest it was beyond anything I could imagine. The real sadness it seemed to me came from the fact that tsunami had so devastated this country and now it seemed the new government would devastate what was left.
Stopping violence towards women and children is a worldwide concentration right now. The WHO has put major emphasis on it. This new policy seems to make that violence worse and in a part of the world where the respect for women is already very minor. There is also the fact that this police force appears to have a poor view of women as well as the poor. Not only do they have a poor view of women but of the people in general. To parade women in front of men in that culture is degrading and allows men to take advantage of them as well.
Being raised in the United States makes one see many things differently. Americans have no real experience with this kind of problem. We cannot imagine allowing someone to beat us, no less in public. Freedom of religion is one of our basic rights and we take full advantage of that. To have any kind of punishment inflicted in the name of a God would be more than we would ever understand. There is a lot of controversy right now about the possibility that there are some cases when culture is incompatible and this may be one of them. How a culture feels about its religion and whether there is a recognition as to the fact that not everyone believes the same thing can affect all other things in life.. That is not the case in Indonesia and it appears the little bit of freedom they might have had for awhile is now gone.
Along with freedom of religion, of course, comes freedom of speech. It appears from the example of the women talking among themselves that this is surely not allowed. There also seems to be very little respect for women at all which though it is still being improved, is somewhat better in many countries. Are there any courts This is a question that has to be ask. Punishing someone instantly which appears to the case regularly allows that a court is not necessary. So, another thing that many of us are used to is "innocent until proved guilty."
In the United States, we believe that "all men are created equal." We have not shown that through our history but we are getting there. We also believe that we have a government by the people and for the people so it is difficult to imagine that any government has the right to come along and change the religious rules for the country and begin to punish those that do not follow the rules. We can only guess what they are going through.
As health professionals, we have caring beliefs. It causes us great discomfort to see the wounded person both physically or mentally. To see a case of purposeful wounding is really quite difficult. Many American surgeons and nurses went to Indonesia after the tsunami and performed great helping services. This is an issue that needs worldwide help. However, we must also remember that the healthcare ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shariah Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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