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Common Accreditation Standards in Hotels - Essay Example

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Tourism is one of the most important features of a country; the government of every country tries to create an environment which would attract tourists. Tourism has many benefits it is an important contributor to economic well being and stability; "to employment opportunity; under achievement; and a significant measure of a nation equality and quality of life"…
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Common Accreditation Standards in Hotels
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Download file to see previous pages These policies are based on improving infrastructure, affordable and luxuries transport facilities and above all luxuries accommodations. Accommodation is a serious issue because not only tourists, VIP's, foreign government officials, celebrities visiting a country all need hotels for accommodation. Thus the basic criterion to impress visitors, guests or tourists is to provide them with a choice of hotels which maintain certain standard of luxury.
UK is one of the territories that attracts a large number of tourists, celebrities, government officials and hence, it needs a variety of accommodations. People from different strata's of world come to visit the United Kingdom. Thus, to improve the standards of hotels and to grade hotels the government of the United Kingdom have deduced a way known as common accreditation standard aimed at grading the UK's hotels.
A certification is an external evaluation of a hotel by a third- party to achieve certification by the third party that the organization is providing certain amount of luxury and comfort. This certification is verified by an authoritative body they verify the competence of those doing the certifying or auditing. The accreditation is common of services like health care services, educational services and hotel services. The accreditation process is a procedure which not only focuses that the hotels maintain minimum criteria of comfort and luxury but accreditation model includes several elements that promote quality improvement. (Christine et al, 149)
In the case of hotels, the process of accreditations is divided into two sections. The first one reviews the hotels operation's satisfy the specific minimum quality criteria. While the second procedure of accreditation is to check weather training programs satisfy the specified minimum quality criteria.
Hotels Operation's
The accreditation process evaluates hotels operations from every section and subsection. The location of a hotel is an important aspect the hotel, it should be at a place from were transportation is easily available, located at a place from were all famous sights must be close by. The facade, architectural features and general construction of the building shall have distinctive qualities. Bedroom should be of a decent size, inclusive of bathrooms. There shall be one suite per thirty guest rooms. All rooms must have bathrooms which shall be equipped with fittings of the highest quality befitting a with 24-hour service of hot and cold running water. Then there should be other equipments like telephones, television refrigerator in working conditions. There shall be a 24-hour room service. (Carla and Petty, 38)
Housekeeping shall be of the highest possible standard. There shall be plentiful supply of linens, blankets, towels, etc., which shall be of the highest quality and shall be spotlessly clean. The linens, blankets and towels shall be changed daily. Laundry and dry cleaning services shall be available in the establishment. All public and private rooms shall have superior quality carpeting which shall be well kept at all times.
There shall be a coffee shop and at least one specialty dining room which are well-equipped, well-furnished and well-maintained, serving high quality cuisine and providing entertainment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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