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The business curriculum should incorporate active learning component and global dimension. Abroad study programs can be designed for accomplishing set goals. Lack of funds availability also…
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Download file to see previous pages These include logistics, activities prior to the trip, activities during trip and activities following the organized research trip for business students.
The study reflects the approach that smaller universities and colleges can take to meet accreditation standards. Getting accredited will help them internationalize their standards and incorporate learning into their curriculum. South Korea has been included as an example to analyze internationalization of the business curriculum. Hofstedes model demonstrates essential differences between United States and South Korea. Traditional cultural practices are witnessed in South Korea and have to be well known by business students. Active learning plays a critical role to enhance problem-solving skills (Sohn, 2006).
The case study highlights the importance of including active learning component along with international dimension in a business curriculum in South Korea. There are certain accrediting agencies like Association of Collegiate Business Programs and Schools and Collegiate Schools of Business International, which aims at designing innovative business program. The international dimension outlines importance of diversity or multicultural understanding. Other standards put across by accrediting agencies are a global business dimension where globalization plays an integral role in the business curriculum (Yu, 2010).
Another aspect of such curriculum is including problem-solving mechanism as well as active learning skills. Both these objectives could be simultaneously accomplished by focusing on abroad programs for teaching staff and students. However smaller schools lack sufficient funds to incorporate abroad study program for an entire semester. This study is inclined towards an overseas program held in South Korea (Self, 2009).
The exchange program to South Korea is divided into various segments such as logistics, trip activities, post-trip ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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