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Curriculum Analysis - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Educational Essay 1st December, 2013 Mathematics Curriculum Analysis Curriculum Analysis A curriculum analysis is a tool that helps develop and monitor the learning of students. The goal of the analysis is to make the planned and improvised curriculum to meet the students’ requirements, create policy decisions regarding funding and implementation, pilot tests for the curriculum before implementation and determining the effectiveness and succession in reaching its goals…
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Curriculum Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Does it fulfill the learning development level of their level? Incase the answers to these questions is no, it must be planned of what must done to meet up to the student criteria by considering developmental patterns, community needs, redundancy in existing criterion and student coursework. 2. Policy decisions What resources and material is required is decided in the policy decision making phase. The importance of the course information must be compared to the other topics already introduced in the curriculum. What beats the other topics will replace the older ones, as well as update and enhance previous courses to the advancements made in the schooling environment. Other factors include calculating the number of students who opt for the course, how many students are their in each class, what is their average amount per class. This way expenses and budgets can be emerged as well as planning out how to run the budget most cost effectively. 3. Pilot program Before the new curriculum developed is launched, it must be tested to see whether or not it will fulfill the goals for which it was made through testing it by a pilot program. This allows the developers to indicate accurately how the course is progressing, whether the amount of material provided is sufficient in terms of quality and quantity, and it will help detect any flaws or miscalculations that had not been brought to notice during development. This stage will help rectify all the problems by surfacing them through the pilot testing and will solve them before a large amount of funding be wasted. Genuine assessments and standardized testing will be used to achieve student achievement for e.g. student portfolios, containing each individual student’s records and assessments. Succeeding in this will give a positive sign to mainstream the curriculum throughout the school district and campuses, locally and internationally, so that each student can benefit from a standard program. For those analyses however that fail the pilot program, extensive deliberation and research must be done to evaluate and determine the causes of failure for e.g. insufficient resources to educate the ample amount of students (i.e. supply is less than demand). This assures planners of a better and brighter second attempt. 4. Implementation and Assessment When the curriculum has finally been developed, tested and improved, it must be implemented. Data collection must take place to further increase its efficiency. This is usually done through standardized testing as well as other common computation for e.g. portfolios and records, where needed. Projected goals can then be measured against achieving high quality academics for its student population. Curriculum Documentation and Origins A curriculum is systematically documented by isolating and analyzing targeted features of a specific curriculum. Basing our analysis solely on the subject of Mathematics, this analysis involves defining and isolating a particular set of content i.e. the topics and chapters and then analyzing the performance expectations and consumer demand which will describe students knowledge capacity. This has two main subdivisions i.e. Content Defined as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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