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The research study is a process that requires more analysis and technological study. The study was about the field of Human Resource and the strategies used in Human Resource. Since the practices and strategies carried out in this filed changes day to day, I had to update the changes and I had to check for the particular organization on which I conducted the research.
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Reflective Journal
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"Reflective Journal"

Download file to see previous pages Tutor, Mr.Schofield gave me the confidence to continue the research and he was very helpful and guided me to perform the research in a better way. Due to his support and guidance I took this research as a challenging task and completed the relevant analysis.
The aim of this research was to analyze the services provided in the hospitality industry and I selected a particular organization to continue with my research. The objectives of the research were developed in order to make the task of research easier. Since defining the objectives gives an outline of the entire research it was easy to select the type of analysis.
The feedback from other tutors was not as expected and it turned me down. But I managed to gain confidence and with the help of my tutor I took those comments as a challenging idea and continued my research. The negative comments helped me to achieve positive response from others.
The main reason why I selected this topic is the chance of broader investigation and the opportunity to learn about the human resource field. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of a hospitality industry and therefore the human resource strategy must be unique and it must suit the hospitality industry. (Nykiel, 2005). ...
Then I decided to broaden my investigation so that I could find more planning strategies that would assist the company's to fulfill the customer's requirements.
In the data collection stage I found out that customer satisfaction had a strong link with the loyalty. I continued my research with two hotels. This gave me an idea of how an organization implements a strategy to improve their service.(Mayor& Blackmon, 2005). I had the chance to evaluate the current strategies and to find out the flaws in the existing strategy. This paved the way to betterment of the organization by selecting a proper method to satisfy the customer's requirements. I had the opportunity to satisfy the clients with what they wanted and I decided to provide a good service to the clients.
The interaction with the clients gave me a chance to improve the existing situation of the hotel. This was an advantage since I was able to get the opinion directly from the client.

I enhanced myself in almost all the ways and I improved the way of expressing the ideas. Initially I used to struggle to complete my projects on time. This research eradicated this problem since I had to conduct different analysis each and every day. This research gave me a chance to improve my writing skills and my thinking ability. All these events gave a raise to my confidence and I could work efficiently. I am able to see the improvements in my research due to my hard work and an increased level of confidence in presenting the strategies and ideas. (Lancaster, 2005). In the initial stages of research I lacked the organizational skills and I felt it difficult to cope up with the organizational operations. I had to keep myself updated with the advancements in the technologies and I had to work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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