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Consultants - Essay Example

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Consultants Name: Institution: Consultants Consultants are present in the everyday lives of individuals as they assist in covering different aspects of the lives of people in society. It is these changes in trends that have led to the growth of these consultants’ numbers, and one example is from Los Angeles, California…
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Extract of sample "Consultants"

Consultants Consultants Consultants are present in the everyday lives of individuals as they assist in covering different aspects of the lives of people in society. It is these changes in trends that have led to the growth of these consultants’ numbers, and one example is from Los Angeles, California. One consultant that thrives in this ever changing corporate world is Wendy Garcia. Ms. Garcia is a well-known Human Resource consultant who aims to enlighten the lives of people who might be in need of behavioral organizational services related to the Human Resource field. Garcia has been considered a professional who has graced the field for over 20 years, and has the experience to match. Some of the consulting services she engages in include; wage and hour compliance audits, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims, and some other issues that rock employees and managers in this ever-changing working environment (HRIC, 2012). Ms. Wendy Garcia’s credentials and educational background offer the basis for an outstanding position in this profession, and this is seen with the level of seniority she has attained. The presence that she has in several HR organizations and member groups has made her a strong presence in the world of consultants, especially in California. The diverse knowledge offered on some of the crucial elements, for example; multigenerational changes and technology, which surround the changing working environment, enable employees and employers alike to progress in the corporate world. Different roles require consultants who are diverse and who guide principal figures in their different areas of expertise. Being assertive and persuasive may be the reason why Garcia is so successful in this field. It takes time and patience to build a resume like that, and these characteristics must be among her strongest suites if she has been in the Human Resource field for more than 20 years (HRIC, 2012). Garcia’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from UC Santa Barbara and Certificate in Human Resource Management from UC Irvine make her a top candidate for all issues that require deliberation and consultation. Communication skills often come in handy when trying to deal with customers or clients who are in desperate need of assistance. The training and development area of expertise acquired over the years enables the position she holds to attract more employees and employers who might need guidance on current situations in their respective organizations. This assists in creating a relationship based on trust and understanding that ensures most of her clients keep coming for more. Ms. Garcia is a member of different societies, for example; Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Professionals in Human Resources Association PIRHA). These societies assist in building her profile as a consultant. Daniel Curtin is the next consultant that is under observation. Based in California, the Human Resource consultant is a solutions expert for the LA and Orange County areas. Mr. Curtin has an experience of over 35 years and has consulted for countless industries that range from start-up companies, to those that host more than 3000 employees (HRIC, 2012). Examples include; Borg Warner Industrial Products and Red Bull North America (beverage company). Curtin has an MA in Organizational Management, degree, and MBA from Lewis University, as well as a Certificate in Leadership Studies from the Cornell University Labor Relations School. He is well-known and respected in the HR field by fellow human resource professionals. The skills and educational background also classify him among some of the great professionals in the HR field. The diversity and tenacity creates a sense of capability, equipped to handle major HR issues. Among Mr. Curtin’s specialties, coaching and mentoring are among the top aspects (HRIC, 2012). In my opinion, this might be the strongest part of human resource management as it deals directly with the personnel in the organization. Curtin is exceptional in a number of other areas in the same HRM field. He works at providing professional and proficient approaches to human resources management, which makes him an exceptional individual when it comes down to consultations. To be in such a position, it is crucial to have leadership skills that require people to respect the profession and the professional. In my opinion, Mr. Curtin is capable of commanding respect from his peers and even customers and clients. Assertiveness and persuasiveness are among the characteristics that such leaders should exhibit. The different positions held, for example; PIRHA’s Vice President of Emerging Affairs, enable Mr. Curtin to attain or pull a huge number of clients with him. Some of these characteristics may work toward any professional’s favor. In the HR field, especially consultancy, they may be the difference between the growth of a career and the downfall of a great consultant. These are some of the things that Curtin is keen on capitalizing on, hence; being particularly successful in his areas of expertise. This expertise has created opportunities to publish articles in various publications, and in some instances some of them are used in graduate programs in universities (HRIC, 2012). The above mentioned professionals are capable of protecting the integrity of their fields. This means that all possible consultations offered are of high quality, honest opinion, not forgetting their legal and moral stand. This gives them the basis to grow their consultation business and offer their clients, regardless of where they are, the proper understanding of what needs to be done based on their situation. The need to be licensed needs to be mentioned in all their profiles because it is fundamental to be part of a community that comprehends the nature of one’s work, and its impact on the immediate environment. Reference Human Resources Independent Consultants. (2012). Member profiles. HRIC. Retrieved from Read More
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