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Patient educational plan for larry garcia - Term Paper Example

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PATIENT EDUCATIONAL PLAN FOR LARRY GARCIA Introduction A closer review of the comments of the patient during the interaction shows his lack of adequate knowledge about the disease in question, which is high blood pressure. The patient has displayed gaps in his education regarding the disease; he has shown clear signs that he is not bothered about the disease though he may want to control it…
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Patient educational plan for larry garcia
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Download file to see previous pages The determination of interventional ways to fill the education gaps is, therefore, timely and necessary in protecting the health of the patient from further deterioration. For patients to have a sense of personal belonging to any health or disease interventions prepared for them, it is important to directly involve them. For this reason, the patient’s educational plan is prescribed that spells out specific roles to be played by both the patient and practitioner. An introduction to the disease process High blood pressure is one of the vascular regulatory system related diseases that proceeds in a manner that “the mechanisms that usually control arterial pressure within a certain (normal) range are altered” (Medi-Info, 2012). Medically, what this means is that there is a misplacement of the correct means by which arterial pressure is expected to function. Due to this misplacement, the arterial pressure is often identified to be operating out of range. The mechanisms responsible for controlling the arterial pressure are diverse and interrelated in function (Wierbicky, 2008). Some of these include but are not limited to the central nervous system, extracellular volume and renal pressor system (Medi-Info, 2012). ...
The subsequent reaction to such displaced function is that there will be “increased cardiac output and increased peripheral resistance” (Medi-Info, 2012). As this becomes uncontrolled at an early stage, there is the elevation of the arterial pressure, which subsequently reduces cerebral perfusion and cerebral oxygen supply by greater proportion (Selius & Subedi, 2008). As the process leads on, there will be an eventual decrease in the blood flow to the kidneys with oxygenation of the kidney also affected because of an increase of myocardial workload (Medi-Info, 2012). Age and developmental issues The education plan for the patient considerably emphasizes age and development issues. This is because age and development have been identified as some of the worst risk factors associated with high blood pressures (Mayo Clinic, 2012). Since the age and development processes of the patient cannot be controlled or stopped in any way, the approach to be taken is to identify with the patient how age and development increase the risk of high blood pressure. Such an education would create an awareness of ‘no escape’ and, therefore, of ‘prevention’ as the only solution. This is to say that when the patient is educated concerning the fact that his growing age will increase his risk of contracting high blood pressure and that there is nothing he can do about the fact, he will take preventive measures seriously. The following reasons will be given to the patient as to why his age and development will increase the chances of getting high blood pressure: the fact that there is generally less activeness in the body as a result of ageing; hardening of the arteries; decrease in the functioning of the kidney; body’ refusal to process salt eaten; and the fact that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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