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Automated Trust Negotiations Using Cryptographic Credentials-System Security - Term Paper Example

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This paper "ATN Using Cryptographic Credentials-System Security" seeks to offer solutions to certain intrinsic issues originated during the use of traditional Automated Trust Negotiations. This paper uses a prototype under which different credential schemes could be deployed and merged…
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Automated Trust Negotiations Using Cryptographic Credentials-System Security
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Extract of sample "Automated Trust Negotiations Using Cryptographic Credentials-System Security"

Download file to see previous pages Future research could focus on a more transparent and open communication network for establishing ETTG using ATN. While the actual negotiation could be private and need to disclose only parsimoniously; the information is obligatory in a mutually reciprocal way. It is believed that in the long run; there could be more benefits and gains through the use of ATN giving the present congenial and encompassing framework of ATN along with the need for its reestablishment and wider usage. Thus the purpose and objectives of ATN could be more robustly and efficiently enforced to benefit as many clienteles as possible.

Interacting safely or gaining access to resources in the open networks is always an issue for the network users and cryptanalysts for secure communication. For this, individuals and entities must establish mutual trust prior to any communication; especially when the information to be carried is sensitive. This is usually accomplished through the exchange of credentials which are traditionally usernames and passwords, tokens, digital certificates and so on.

The establishment of mutual trust between strangers is based on the properties of the subjects on the presumption that communicating subjects are already familiar with one another. Many cryptographic credential systems have emerged recently to authenticate and authorize transactions done in decentralized and also distributed systems. These systems use property-based credentials to manage trust between the entities. The process of gaining trust is based on the iterative exchange of information between two or more parties. “In IT the process of exchange of credentials between two parties, through a sequence of alternating and bilateral credential requests and disclosures, is called trust negotiation. An approach to regulating the automatic exchange of sensitive credentials between entities, without prior trust relationships. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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