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Application to the KIPP School Leadership Program - Personal Statement Example

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Under its Annual Report Card, KIPP reports that the annual KIPP student starts fifth grade at the 40th percentile in mathematics and after four years, these same students are performing at the 82nd percentile in mathematics (KIPP Online). Florida state's record of achievement for that same period show that the black, hispanic, and low income group of students in the fourth grade tested at 52%, 66%, and 58% respectively (compared with 69% achievement for all students) in mathematics proficiency and 42%, 57%, and 49% respectively (with 63% for all students) for eighth graders (Mapping Florida's Educational Process)…
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Application to the KIPP School Leadership Program
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"Application to the KIPP School Leadership Program"

Download file to see previous pages My educational philosophy essentially rests on one fundamental factor: the power of choice. In tandem with KIPP's Five Pillars of operating principles, I believe that teachers, staff, parents and students have the power to make the choice to work towards success, including high expectations, commitment from every vested party, and the choice to lead. While KIPP's fundamental role is to provide the basic infrastructure, it is the teachers, staff, parents, and students as a collective entity that must adhere to the fact that receiving an education is paramount in today's world. There are no short cuts. While it takes work and desire, the desire must come from within and magnified with the support from a person's surroundings and environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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