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Why proud? Because I dedicate every day of my life both to helping as much as possible the people of my community, as well as to my developing as a strong skilful personality.
I believe that the more…
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Academic achievements and leadership roles
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Application letter “Live life to the fullest” – a simple quotation by Ernest Hemingway, one I aspire to each day. I am a proud seventeen year old member of my community and my school. Why proud? Because I dedicate every day of my life both to helping as much as possible the people of my community, as well as to my developing as a strong skilful personality.
I believe that the more activities a person gets involved into, the more chances to find his inner balance he has. Therefore, since I was a child I have participated as an active member and organizer of various activities. Moreover, in spite of always being committed to them, I have never underestimated the importance of being a good pupil and doing my best in learning as much as possible. In consequence, I am an Honor Roll ninth grade student.
Besides my involvement in academic and leadership roles, I am very active in athletics, so sport is an important part of my life. I have always been devoted to it and therefore, I have been awarded various titles, as for example: Most Improved Award, Female Athlete of the year award, Female Rookie of the year award, Soccer-Rookie of the Year award and many others. Moreover, I was selected to attend Encounters with Canada in March of 2010 and I was a member of the New Brunswick Provincial Canada Games Basketball Team 2008-2009. I play various sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Yet, basketball is my passion, a sport I have played since my elementary school years. Most weekends I travel 900 km to practice with the team, attending tournaments and games throughout the week, while working part-time as well.
Due to my very sociable nature, I always involve myself in extracurricular activities, both in my school and in my community. In my school I have actively participated in programs such as RCMP Youth Committee, Venture Business Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking Contests, Wellness Rally for Middle School Children, Waterloo Math Competition, Environmental Club, Editor of the School Yearbook, Sports Representative, Prom Committee, and School Fundraising. I am also a fundraiser for the victims of Haiti and a fundraiser for the Disability Awareness Program. Throughout high school, I have been involved with the student council and the breakfast program. I joined the school spirit committee and organized theme days during the school year. I was also involved in various fundraising activities. I helped raise the awareness of famine in other countries during the World Vision 30 hour famine.
I also actively participate in the community I live in. I am an active member of the Church Community, Realy for Life, Special Care Home for the Elderly, Yearly Terry Fox Walk. I have also organized a Community Halloween Treats for children and I am an Elementary School Basketball Coach.
In January of 2008, an accident took seven close friends, leaving behind four survivors. This tragedy has affected my life in many different ways. The Boys in Red trust fund was established in the names of the seven victims of the bus crash and I am active in raising money in their memory. This is emotionally very rewarding for me.
I am very passionate about cancer research and raising money to find a cure as this disease continues to affect my family and community. I have, and continue to, organized and participated in events and fundraisers for the twelve-hour cancer relay as well as the Terry Fox Walk. I have witnessed the pain and sorrow of families within my community who have had the unfortunate experience of having cancer touch their lives. Medical research relies on financial aid to continue to search for a cure. It is very rewarding to know that participating in fundraising will allow researchers to find a cure someday and make cancer a thing of the past. I believe young people have a role to play in our communities and volunteering is very important. When a person has an opportunity to volunteer, that person does not only benefit from the experience, but also has an opportunity to improve someone else’s life. Getting the most out of life is not only creating opportunities but also making the most out of those opportunities. Raising money for cancer research gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and someday I wish to complete the Three Day Breast Cancer Walk held in Boston.
Presently, I am the co-editor of the 2009-2010 Dalhousie Regional High School yearbook. As I prepare to leave high school, one of my final projects will be my continued involvement with World Vision. I will also be travelling to Ottawa in March 2010, to participate in Encounters with Canada. I strongly believe my participation in extracurricular activities is fueled by my desire to continuously be better than before. I believe that my activities, both in school and my community, have constantly put challenges in my path. These activities, as well as the time management skills I have developed, enable me to be successful academically and athletically.
The experience that I have when volunteering within my community will have a positive influence on my desire to become a Speech Language Pathologist. A great deal of my volunteering has involved children as well as older age groups. I believe that when a person has an intended vocation in the area of helping people, experiencing different characters and attitudes of people could be a very valuable learning tool.
I believe people should always strive to better themselves. I believe young people have a role to play in our communities and volunteering is very important. Getting the most out of life is not only creating opportunities but also making the most out of those opportunities. My experiences so far have given me great satisfaction and unique skills to help me go forward on my life’s journey.
Thank you very much for your attention to all these matters and for your consideration of my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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