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Improving Organizational Effectiveness Through Leadership - Term Paper Example

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Students should maintain high levels of discipline and order in the school to ensure that the learning process is not interfered with. School prefects play major roles in ensuring that the discipline in the school is maintained by enforcing the school code of conduct and midwife between the students and the staff  …
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Improving Organizational Effectiveness Through Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Secondly, leadership brings forth charitable action among followers. This nature of charitable acts distinguishes leadership from other various forms of influence as established on recognized authority. Finally, according to Bass & Riggio (2006; 1994), leadership brings out behavior among followers which is determined and focused in a structured setting. Most leadership studies are fixed on the quality of leadership in the place of work or institution of learning. Leadership unlike management, inspire others to follow one person towards achieving a predetermined objective. This is normally grounded on a number of factors apart from one holding a formal position or authority. Leadership approaches are based on different theories of leadership, which include Trait Theories, Behaviorist Theories, Situational Leadership, Contingency Theory, Transactional and Transformational Theory (Avolio& Bass 2002). However leadership approaches can be differentiated from theories in that, concepts are applied to other practical frameworks. There are different kinds of leadership approaches which include transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, participative leadership, situational leadership, servant leadership, transactional leadership, and the quiet leader. Different styles are used by individuals depending on their beliefs, values, preferences, culture, and norms of a certain organization.
The type of leadership approach I am focusing on is a school prefect or top student leader. This kind of leadership enables student leaders to be in a position to redefine the order and discipline in an educational institution. The school prefects play important roles in maintaining order and discipline among students in a learning institution. Therefore, they must possess exemplary good manners, neat, correct wearing of school uniforms and must be responsible citizens.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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