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China Europe International Business School - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “China Europe International Business School” the author discusses several reasons why he has chosen to apply to China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Firstly, for as long as he has thought about pursuing a master’s degree…
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China Europe International Business School
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Extract of sample "China Europe International Business School"

Download file to see previous pages Before applying to CEIBS I have compared other renowned universities and institutions which offer the same course but I found CEIBS is at a higher level by virtue of its teaching method, which gives equal importance to theory and practice; its entrepreneurial culture, which involves students in every aspect of the school's decision-making process. Secondly, I realized that I would have to intensify and deepen my exposure to strategic areas important to the future and its impact on the global front. This course in MBA will enable me to fly high and make my dreams come true. CEIBS has always stood out for me on a number of levels as I began to research executive MBA programs. I am basically a focused person and the reason I have chosen this field is because of the wide range of opportunities that it will provide in the future. My main focus was for a program that offered an international perspective, with key strengths in strategy, marketing, and information management. My immediate goal after the MBA is to join Shanghai Gucheng Property Development Co. Ltd to be in a management position and climb the corporate ladder. My research about this organization has to lead to the finding that this organization is going to be a part of the economic development of the country. The agricultural based company has several growth plans and I believe that I have a good growth possibility. Additionally, a position in this company will give me an opportunity to learn to build a company of my own. I have a dream to be in the top management position, to overlook the international operation and finally I would like to own my own international consulting business. A top-level management position in the Shanghai Gucheng Property Development Co. Ltd will help me to achieve my long term goal of getting into international operations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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