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This paper is an Admission to the Columbia University School of Nursing CRNA Program. The course content is unique and students are provided with the latest knowledge in nursing. Moreover, considerable emphasis is placed on the acquisition of expertise and research…
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Admission to the School of Nursing CRNA Program
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Admission to the Columbia University School of Nursing CRNA Program
My interests are varied and I have been a tennis player since the age of 7 years. However, in college, I suffered a shoulder injury, which compelled me to abstain from this truly marvelous sport. Subsequently, I took up golf and sailing. In the words of Sir Francis Bacon ‘Reading maketh a full man.’ I consider this maxim to be the gospel truth and as a result I have read a lot of American and English Literature. Andre Segovia the mage of the guitar worked wonders on my psyche and I have taken learning the guitar. In addition, images fascinate me and many a time I have felt that a particular picture or image should be retained for posterity, accordingly, I have commenced to dabble in photography.
My professional interests extend to transplant cases, trauma stabilization and pain management services. However, my principal objective is to have an independent CRNA practice.
I had long been witness to sickness at home or amongst my friends’ relatives. Being an observant child, I was quick to notice that nursing a sick person back to health was as important as proper diagnosis and medication. This served to generate deep interest in nursing. At that point of time I happened to read about the inimitable Florence Nightingale and her extraordinary contribution to nursing. The spark was ignited. I became very much interested in nursing.
Subsequent to graduating from high school, I procured two bachelor’s degrees, one in biology and the other in nursing. My interests ensured that I obtained very good grades in the bachelor’s course of nursing.
Subsequently, I have been working – for the past two years – at the cardiovascular ICU of the Methodist Hospital. The work is extremely challenging and I attend to post – op cardiac, pulmonary, vascular and heart and lung transplant patients. In general, I attend upon patients with extremely complicated medical problems. For instance, I frequently take care of patients with multi organ system failure. Such patients require a number of instruments and a variety of medication to maintain their vital functions. This experience has made me quite familiar with the various instruments employed in modern hospitals. The IC Unit in which I work has 40 beds and the nurses working in this place are 200 strong. Consequently, I am well equipped to work in large hospitals.
In addition to my work at the hospital, I also take an active part in social work. For instance, I participate, wholeheartedly, in 3 leadership communities and devote quite some time for volunteer and benefit fundraising. On one occasion, I spent a week’s time with Habitat for Humanity in Vermont, in order to help a family build a home. Moreover, a friend suffering with MS motivated me to participate in MS walks, and in this regard, I will be participating in the MS 150 ride to be conducted the next year. Furthermore, I participate in the American Heart Association walk, every year, and the Stroke walk. The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina was truly daunting, and I did a lot of volunteer work for the persons who had been evacuated from the affected areas.
The Columbia School of Nursing has been producing nurses of excellence since 1892. Its competence and expertise in the area of advanced nursing practice have never been emulated. This has been further buttressed by its being designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for International Nursing Development in Advanced Practice. The course content is unique and students are provided with the latest knowledge in nursing. Moreover, considerable emphasis is placed on the acquisition of expertise and research. For an individual who has always strived for excellence, this hallowed nursing school represents a veritable promised land. Such is my assessment and such is my intent. I am convinced that on passing out from this institution, I will definitely realize my goal in life. Read More
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