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Statement of purpose for graduate school- leadership major - Admission/Application Essay Example

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I have done my graduation in name of field from name of university. Now, I want to pursue a higher degree in the field of Leadership to gain an in-depth understanding of all issues and concepts related to leadership…
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Statement of purpose for graduate school- leadership major
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Extract of sample "Statement of purpose for graduate school- leadership major"

Your full full March 21, ment of Purpose Applicant’s Please write here I have chosen Northwestern University to continue my studies. I have done my graduation in name of field from name of university. Now, I want to pursue a higher degree in the field of Leadership to gain an in-depth understanding of all issues and concepts related to leadership. My educational background has played a vital role in building my interest in doing Master’s in this field. I want to become a successful leader, and that can be possible if I study under the guidance of highly qualified professors of Northwestern University.
Northwestern University has an experienced faculty in the field of Leadership, as well as in all other fields of study. Studying under the guidance of such teachers will allow me to grow intellectually in an appropriate manner. I want to be skilled in managing organizations and people. I possess almost all qualities of a successful leader, such as, integrity, boldness, openness, creativity, assertiveness, intelligence, visionary outlook, and effective communication skills. I believe that effective leadership is essential to achieve a desired set of goals. It is impossible for people to make a successful struggle towards achievement of goals without having the qualities of a true leader. I want to study Leadership at a higher level to refine my leadership skills and improve my knowledge. Some of the main characteristics of an effective leader, which I want to have, include the ability to encourage people to be creative, the ability to pay attention towards the needs of followers, and respecting the views and beliefs of followers. With my trained mind and ideas properly planned, I want to make my knowledge readily available for the people of my country. Some of my core strengths and abilities include:
In-depth understanding of different concepts of leadership
Excellent interpersonal communication skills, and
Ability to mix up with people from different cultures
I have come to know that Northwestern University provides a creative environment to students, which they can use to refine their recreational skills. Here, I would like to mention that I am a skilled soccer player. If I become a part of the resourceful environment of this university, I can refine my soccer skills, as well as those of my class fellows.
I have a desire to make educational and professional progress in the field of leadership because of my interest in this field. I believe that the Northwestern University can become a valuable part of my educational and professional success, as it can provide me with state-of-the-art education in my desired field of study. It is due to the highly qualified faculty of Northwestern University, that I feel satisfied while thinking of getting admission in this university. I believe that the education and practical learning environment of this university would certainly help me become a successful leader.
I am sending this application to get admission in the Leadership program. I am grateful in advance and expect the authorities to accept my application and let me pursue my degree from this university.
Please write your name here 21st of March 2012
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(Statement of Purpose for Graduate School- Leadership Major Admission/Application Essay)
Statement of Purpose for Graduate School- Leadership Major Admission/Application Essay.
“Statement of Purpose for Graduate School- Leadership Major Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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