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War in Darfur - Essay Example

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Although the horrors f the Darfur conflict do not quite compare to those f the Nazi Concentration Camps, the world is observing the current situation the same way it observed what happened decades ago during the second World War; with their eyes closed. This conflict, which some are referring to as genocide, is taking place in western Sudan, located in Africa…
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War in Darfur

Download file to see previous pages... The government responded to these assaults by taking sides with and by providing weapons to the Janjaweed, an Arab militia having been accused f attempts to eliminate black Africans from the nearby territory. Although the government denies the joining f forces with the Janjaweed, Darfur refugees have confirmed that following the government's aerial bombings, these soldiers have slaughtered men, raped women and have looted many villages in their path. Civilians have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in camps within Darfur's larger towns where there is a shortage f food supplies, medicine and more importantly, water. Many have gone as far as escaping to Chad, a neighboring country whose conditions in certain regions are the same as in Darfur. (Bengali 9-11)
On May 5th 2006, a peace accord was offered by the country's largest rebel force, the Sudan Liberation Army, and was signed by the government, however two smaller rebel groups have refused to accept the treaty. The objective was for the Janjaweed to be disarmed, and for the rebel forces to become part f the Sudanese army.
Although different sources have provided different numbers, the death toll in Darfur stands at approximately 400, 000 and will continue to rise so long as no one puts an end to this unbelievable tragedy. (Briggs 77-80)
While it is impossible to single-handedly stop the slaughtering in Darfur, there are many ways one can help the situation. As always, a cash donation is the most common method f aid, and in a humanitarian crisis such as this, it is one f the only methods f help available; money donations are far more practical than oversea shipments f food and clothing at high transportation costs. The Red Cross is one f the major organizations currently making a difference in Sudan and Chad. The ICRC (International Committee f the Red Cross) has been involved with helping in Sudan since 1978 due to famine being a constant death factor in many African countries.
The U.N., whose responsibility is to protect civilians affected by political issues, has hesitated before taking action. This resembles their behavior in Rwanda, when 800, 000 Rwandans were left to die in a short period f three months. According to Amnesty International, attacks on civilians and aid workers have increased since late 2005. If something is to be done, it must be accomplished quickly, as more and more lives are being put in danger. (Harris 1-7)

Human Rights Crisis in Darfur
If you ask anybody what they know about the Darfur conflict you will most likely hear "it is a genocide being waged by Arabs against Africans". The truth about what is happening in this country and the causes are much deeper and sometimes surprising. It is popular to denounce the genocide taking place there, due in part to the efforts f celebrities like Angelina Jolie who are raising awareness. Besides awareness, though, understanding f the entire is situation is needed if real change is to occur. (Flint 99-104)
Darfur is a region in Sudan the size f France or Texas and has been home to many tribes, the biggest being the Fur tribe. This is where the name Darfur come comes from. Literally translated it means "the land f the Fur". This country is also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critically Assess the UN Response to the Crisis in Darfur
The laxity of the Sudan government in countering the conflicts made the condition dire; thus, attracting international awareness. The Janjaweed from the North brutally evicted the blacks in the South Sudan. According to Mamdani (2009), this eviction process was characterized by massacres, rape and embezzlement.
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History of Darfur
Out of the discrimination against the black Arabs, the military of Sudan went on an all-out war against the black Arabs to weed the out, gain control of the Darfur area, and have the Sudanese people or Arabs of Sudanese origin acquire control of the region.
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War in Darfur
peacekeepers so that there is no evidence of the killings and destructions going on. This has led to the UN and the media reporting that the war in Darfur is over which is far from the truth. The government incorporates the Janjaweed militia into the army or
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