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Why are there so many different theories of international politics - Essay Example

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This interdependence has led to a lot of study on how international affairs are conducted and how policies concerning global politics…
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Why are there so many different theories of international politics
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Extract of sample "Why are there so many different theories of international politics"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, no one theory can adequately capture all the aspects of these complex relations. It is, therefore, only fair that different theories be used to explicate international politics (Prithi, 2005). This way, one theory adds on to the ideas of another, while at the same time criticizing the other theory. This competition helps us to see the weaknesses and strengths of each theory and its applicability to international politics. In this essay, we take a look at different theories of international politics and applicability to the complexities of world politics.
Proponents of the realism theory of international politics hold that states are always struggling to gain power over other states. The sole and most important purpose of a state is to amass as much power as possible, decreasing the power of their enemies in the process. Such states place their self interests above those of other states, thereby creating supremacy battles, with each state endeavoring to be the most prominent (Walt, 2000). This competition often leads to conflicts over which state is superior to the other.
However, even among realists, there are differences in thoughts and opinions. For example, classical realists believe that that states are like human beings and that they have an innate need to control other states. This uncontrollable desire for domination often leads to conflicts and wars among the involved states. On the other hand, the neorealist theory which is more modern holds that the international system is to blame for states wanting to control others. Proponents of this new theory argue that each state seeks the best ways to survive in global politics. If the survival of the state depends on its domination of another, then the former is forced to do exactly that. Since there are no international rules that refrain rivalries between states, it becomes easy for states to attack each other for the sake of power. A powerful state is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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