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Globalization has brought the whole world into a single sphere or atmosphere wherein the world, especially the economic world, has seen great transformation from single nation company to multinational company. Tina Rosenberg's 'Free Trade Fix' is critical review of the diversified impacts of globalization on developed, developing and underdeveloped countries…
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International studiesGrowth Development of Nations
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Vedanta Kumar International Studies 09 September Globalization - Diverse Impact on the Nations Globalization has brought the whole world into asingle sphere or atmosphere wherein the world, especially the economic world, has seen great transformation from single nation company to multinational company. Tina Rosenberg's 'Free Trade Fix' is critical review of the diversified impacts of globalization on developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. According to Ellwood, the expansion of trade in goods and services between countries is believed to be the key to a more equal, peaceful and less parochial world and that the free market is the engine of human progress (10). This is evident as big companies have established their base in other smaller and poorer countries which also helped in providing employment opportunities to their population. It has also helped in transfer of technical know how, transfer of knowledge, export and import of goods and services, etc. But, as rightly stated by Rosenberg, globalization, which was meant to signify unity and integrity has no way proved to be successful instead resulted in cold war between countries for their share in the global market.
Further, it is mentioned by Ellwood that gaps between rich and poor are widening and decision making power is concentrated in the hands of few developed and powerful nations (11). Rightly so, Rosenberg mentions in the article "Free Trade Fix" wherein the right to make decisions lie in the hands of IMF which is controlled by the United States and other European countries. The scenario of Puebla State in Mexico where the farmers cultivating corn have become the victims of globalization due to cheap corn being imported from US as part of free trade agreement between the two nations. The globalization has resulted in great opportunities like transfer of skills, employment, transfer of goods and services, etc. but it has all happened in pursuit of cheap labor in poor countries. There are lots of companies like Microsoft, Google, Volkswagen, Dell, and many more that established base in India. But what they offer is low salary as compared to what is paid in other developed nations.
The globalization has profited developed nations' the most than the poorer nations. The United States has very much benefited by the policies by subsidizing the corn industry helping the US farmers thereby exploiting the poorer nations to import American corn weakening the corn industry in Mexico thus starving the people surviving on corn cultivation (Rosenberg, 7). If the economic policies are battered for the poor rather than developed nations, it may yield better results because the main objective of the globalization is to unite the whole world and bring human being into one roof. Globalization can help the vast majority of the population if it is seen as an end in itself instead being treated as tool in service for development; a way to provide food, health, and education to the wretched of the earth (Rosenberg, 11). The world forums and group of developed countries should formulate a policy which is targeted towards providing benefits to the poor and very poorer countries to alleviate the poverty.

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