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Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare - Essay Example

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Romeo and Juliet is a literary work which can easily be considered as one of the most popular of all time, and for incredibly good reason; there are so many different and yet equally valuable morals and lessons that are taught through this work, and so many issues that can be raised…
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Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare
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Download file to see previous pages It is actually surprising but for many people today, reading Shakespeare's language can actually cause them quite a bit of confusion, and some people get truly frustrated at this because they want to be able to properly understand the works and the motives of Shakespeare in general, however, it should be known that this is an incredibly popular problem, and also that it is one which can be particularly easily fixed. Basically what needs to happen is that the readers of today's world need to be able to develop the skills that are needed for untangling unusual sentence structure and problems of the like - these are actually not as much problems as they are facts; we have been taught to read and write a certain way and so when we go to read or look or convey something that is different - in this case older - than what we were taught with, then we obviously have troubles, but this should really be expected. Anyone and everyone can truly understand how to gain these necessary skills, however it is sure to take more time for some than for others. Also, remember that even those who are skilled with the reading of unusual sentence structures, even they may have trouble or some sort of difficulty with Shakespeare's words.
In regards to the matter of how he structured the language of characters of differing status in order to be convey differences, such as differences in regards to gender, class, and political faction, for instance; there are actually many key points that need to be made in regards to how he structured the language of each character. Basically, the language of Shakespeare's poems, like that of poetry as a whole in general, is typically both highly compressed and highly structured, and yet when you finally realize the true point that is being made, it can be surprisingly simple; for instance we can start with Scene One, where the act opens with some of the men of the Capulet clan who are meeting on the street with men of the Montague clan, and then a brawl erupts. During this brawl, citizens begin to join in and fight, and then the heads of the houses of both Capulet and Montague come upon the scene, and then finally the Prince of the City arrives. Basically, particularly in regards to the conversation in this scene, the dramatic purpose that was given by Shakespeare was to introduce the fact that the families are bound together by an ancient blood feud that has grown to a lethal hatred; the way in which he makes each family speak different shows how he purposely structures the language of the different characters in order to show their personal differences; we see from the way the Montague's and the Capulet's speak that they are different. The Montague's are clearly considered as being of lower class and of lesser political faction and dramatic function, especially when compared in place to the Capulet's.
As well, there is an enormous difference between the languages of the two genders in Romeo and Juliet; even without the prologue informing who of who is speaking at each time you would easily be able to tell who it was, and what their gender was; Shakespeare's writing is incredibly and autonomous in that he never wavers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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