Death and Stars in Romeo and Juliet - Book Report/Review Example

From the paper "Death and Stars in Romeo and Juliet" it is clear that Dympna Callaghan demonstrates in her book that Romeo and Juliet are indeed ‘star-crossed lovers’, hindered by their social and familial circumstances, and their deaths are the only way to escape their fates. …
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Death and Stars in Romeo and Juliet
Download file to see previous pages Callaghan presents an abundance of important material and enables a diversity of methods for the historically oriented interpretation and analysis of Romeo and Juliet. Due to the legendary reputation of Romeo and Juliet as symbols of starry-eyed, idealistic love, a book, like that of Callaghan, which strongly bases the play in early modern times is particularly acceptable. This essay literary analyses Romeo and Juliet with a focus on the historical context ‘death and stars’.
Romeo and Juliet are perhaps, according to Callaghan (2003), “the preeminent document of love in the West” (Shakespeare & Callaghan 1). The play strengthens the readers’ longing for a heartbreaking tale of love that people still look for in numerous forms. There are audiences who consider Romeo and Juliet as victims of fortuitous bad luck, and there are those who argue that the lovers are in the midst of young love and are destroyed due to their overindulgence. However, the most widespread analysis of the legend is that it reveals a clash between the personal desires of Romeo and Juliet and the prevailing pressures of social, public, and family rules with regard to which those needs are created. Since the desires of Romeo and Juliet cannot be reunited to family and social rules from which they come from, they should exterminate themselves. Their self-destruction is the only way to uphold the demands of their society and family. Such is the argument of Callaghan’s analysis of ‘death and star’ in Romeo and Juliet. For Callaghan, the ‘star-crossed lovers’ are a victim of circumstance.
Within the context of Romeo and Juliet, ‘death and stars’ basically refer to fate, which strongly highlights the decisions and actions in the story. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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