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Compare contrast romeo and juliet with west side story - Essay Example

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In fact, many analysts claim that West Side Story is the modern version of Romeo and Juliet (Wells 7), hence a great resemblance in the theme development. Conversely, the two plays have many differences…
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Compare contrast romeo and juliet with west side story
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Download file to see previous pages First, the plays were written in different periods, so their characters are not similar. This is a statement to establish in the following discussion/comparison of the two plays.
The two stories revolve around disagreements between families with opposing values and conclude in the demise of young adults. This is because the young people involved had a notion that their deep love to each other would surmount the aggression between the families (Gibbons 3). In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet’s family (Capulet) considered themselves as noble, while Romeo’s family (Montague) was a humble family. Juliet was a young virgin girl 14 years of age, who had been promised to marry a man of the family’s own choice. However, she cared less for the man. It occurred that Romeo, accompanied by his friends, crashed at the Capulet’s party and instantly fell in love with Juliet.
At that time, when Juliet was falling in love with Romeo, she had no idea who he was. Juliet came to know more about Romeo from her cousin, who identified him as a family enemy. Romeo and his friends were ousted by the Capulet family from the party. Some days later, Romeo returned back to Juliet’s home where they met on her balcony. He slept with her and promised to marry her. The two families issued various threats against each other, and Romeo accidentally killed Juliet’s cousin (Bly 17). Romeo was banished from the city. Conversely, in the West Side Story, Tony was Polish while Maria was a Puerto Rican residing in New York. Just like the Montague and the Capulet, the two groups had people who protected them regardless of the aggressiveness between the two families. Tony is killed by a gang in the end as a result of the union between him and Maria (Laurents 3). Maria decided to move on after Tony’s death despite the strong love she had for him.
The West Side Story plot and performance is in Manhattan Upper West Side. The story revolves around the conflict between two youth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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