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The Shakespearean Theatre - Term Paper Example

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He was born in 1564. He is considered as one of the greatest playwright in the history of art and literature (Peter Ackroyd). His plays have been produced by different people in different countries; an…
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The Shakespearean Theatre
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Download file to see previous pages These theatre companies had their own permanent cast of actors. These actors used to perform different plays on in a weekly cycle. Those theatrical companies were dependent on their audiences to gather funds for the continued existence of the theatres and plays. Shakespeare associated himself with the city’s most known theatrical company known as The Lord Chamberlain’s Man in London. He remained associated with the place from 1594 till rest of his life. By 1594, the theater had played six of the most famous plays by him. He was an official playwright and an actor for the theatre.
During Shakespeare’s time, there were two monarchs who ruled over the land of England; King Henry (VIII) and Queen Elizabeth (I). Both of the monarchs keenly appreciated the plays produced by Shakespeare. Their personal affiliation with Shakespeare helped him gain new heights of popularity among the masses. During mid-sixteenth century, English theater was faced by grave situation. Those theatres were hardly organized and contributed very little towards the professional growth of an artist. It is unfair to recognize those theaters as artistic institutions. Usually, the artists used to perform in groups anywhere; sometimes in courtyards or sometimes in the grand halls of noble houses. The plays they performed merely had any theme. They were either bawdy interludes, unsophisticated tragedies or sometimes lacked the refined humor (Janette Dillon). However, time changed by the beginning of seventeenth century when theater became the life of London city. Lord Chamberlain’s Men was one the most reputable commercial theatrical company which boasted the career of William Shakespeare not only as an actor but also as a prominent playwright and a shareholder.
Shakespeare earned a huge name from the platform of The Chamberlain’s Men which was later changed as the King’s Men in 1603 during the rule of James I. The actors including Shakespeare used to present most of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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