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What role did the theatre play during the Elizabeth Era - Research Paper Example

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Upon which, theatre was the main art at the period. The Elizabethan era gave rise to an increased interest in theater. This meant transforming the manner in which people interacted with theater. The most notable factor…
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What role did the theatre play during the Elizabeth Era
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Download file to see previous pages Theatre was a companied with social factors, cultural concepts and political atmospheres which where portrayed through the industry.
Theater during the era was crucial in many aspects. Theatre shaped the cultural composition of the then society. The society depends on theatre to position themselves along the social classes existing in the era (Woog 12). The theatre was used to identify the social classes and influenced the cultural composition of people within England. The mode of dressing and language was influenced upon by theater (Elizabethan Costume Page, 2008). Theatre shaped the society based on events at the time. Different genre played different roles in the society. The genre ranged from Drama to comedy. This played part in entertaining the public while at the same time enlightening them on the importance of culture. Language was an integral part in preserving culture hence people associated with theatre as a means of national heritage. The cultural displays in theatre played part in ensuring language and culture was use to shape the way people lived (Woog 13).
The royal family played an important role in ensuring that a vast majority embraced theatre. The acknowledgment of writers by the royal government meant that writers become famous. The government was introduced licenses, which were offered to writers. This meant that play writers where protected by the administration. This allowed them to perform their work with the assurance that law protected their work. The government also ensured that the right infrastructure was available. Queen Elizabeth I ensured that the first theatre was build in London. The government then succeeded in uniting the people through art (Woog 8). The government used the theatre to guide its subjects on current. The active involvement of the authority meant that people embraced theater while at the same time provide a way in which play righter developed and presented ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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