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Process of exploring acomplex situation - Essay Example

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Worldview naturally refers to the understanding of the whole world as a natural part of social norm. World view is the regular belief that everyone tries to hold on to so as to be able to set social policies and social understanding that needs to be given careful attention by everyone so as to become a primary part of the society…
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Process of exploring acomplex situation
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Extract of sample "Process of exploring acomplex situation"

Download file to see previous pages Technology is one particular element in the current human culture that connects every nationality together in the present system of things. The material culture that it opens up to the current human generation actually increases the capability of the people to relate to each other even beyond understanding the cultures and values of each nationality through the existence of language. Likely, the idea is that technology becomes an undeniably fine link between people around the world today especially because of the advancement that it implies on every group of people regardless of their culture and values as members of the human society. Certainly, although different, people are made one with the help of the recognition and understanding of different norms and regularities in the human society.
Meanwhile, perspective naturally refers to individual belief. It may or may not be accordingly related to the worldviews accepted by the society, but it certainly is based upon one's own understanding and beliefs. For instance, such matter could be identified through the understanding of one's culture. Elements of culture are significant in explaining the differences of people in the different areas of the world. Understandably, such elements make a certain implication on how and who a certain group of people is depending on their perceptions of life, their language and their historical background as well. Likely, such elements of culture are used to identify people regarding their lifestyle and how they are actually able to contribute to the development of the society at present.
Value conflict usually occurs when a person's ideas of something or someone does not connect with that of the others. Likely, in terms of language, such situation occurs when one does not understand a language based on the perception of others. If one foreigner does not understand the way English should be understood, comprehension of the conversation becomes impossible. Perspective is then based upon the belief of a person and the basic understanding that he has upon himself and the society that he lives in.

3. (a) Read through the article of The Environmental Crisis (at the end of TMA 01).As you read through the article create one summary spray diagram to illustrate the main ideas you obtained from the article material. (15% marks)

(b) Then create a rich picture for the article. The rich picture should capture both what you have read about and what you personally think and feel about this issue. (15% marks)

The environment exists in connection with the kind of society that lives in it, everyone living in it then should recognize the responsibility they have towards protecting the resources provided by the environment to them.

(c) Determine if this issue is a mess or a difficulty. Give justification for your
choice (not more than 200 words). Your justification should indicate that you
have understood the concept of these situations. (20% marks)
At the present, the society is critically involved and focused with the rapid industrialization and the technological advancement in every field that is connected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Process of Exploring Acomplex Situation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words - 1)
Process of Exploring Acomplex Situation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words - 1.
“Process of Exploring Acomplex Situation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words - 1”, n.d.
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