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British Airways PLC - Research Paper Example

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Investing in an airline business is a huge capital investment decision. Thus, it is very important that British Airways and other Airline companies like Silverjet PLC must use good marketing strategies to entice people to increase their air travel time. The following paragraphs will explain why British Airways is the number one airline company to neighbors.
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British Airways PLC
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Extract of sample "British Airways PLC"

Download file to see previous pages Likewise, The current ratio above shows that the total assets for the year 2006 was 1.18 times the total liabilities of the year. This means that the company will be able to pay all their current liabilities as well as long term liabilities when the maturing date for their payments arrive. In addition, the 2007 current ratio is better than the 2006 current ratio.
The Debt to Equity ratio above shows that the total liabilities for the year 2007 was 4.15 times the total equity of the year. This means that the company has four and 15/100 times resources coming from the creditors than the stockholders. The Debt to Equity ratio above
shows that the total liabilities for the year 2006 was 5.54 times the total equity of the year. This means that the company has five and 54/100 times resources coming from the creditors than the stockholders. In addition, the 2007 debt to equity ratio is better than the 2006 debt to equity ratio.
The Gross Profit ratio above shows that the gross profit for the year 2007 was twenty eight percent of the net sales. This means that the company was profitable this year in terms of cost of sales alone. The Gross Profit ratio above shows that the gross profit for the year 2006 was twenty nine percent of the net sales. This means that the company was profitable this year in terms of cost of sales alone. The Gross Profit ratio above shows that the gross profit for the year 2006 was twenty nine percent of the net sales. This means that the company was profitable this year in terms of cost of sales alone. Sadly, the gross profit ratio for 2006 shows a better picture of the company when compared to the 2007 gross profit ratio.

The Net Profit ratio above shows that the Net profit for the year 2007 was three percent of the net revenues. This means that the company was profitable this year in terms of cost of sales plus marketing and administrative expense. The Net Profit ratio above shows that the Net profit for the year 2006 was five percent of the net revenues. This means that the company was profitable this year in terms of cost of sales plus marketing and administrative expense. Sadly, the net profit ratio for 2006 shows a better picture of the company when compared to the 2007 gross profit ratio.
Further, British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh was fair in stating "This is another good set of results despite soaring fuel costs and difficulties in the market. Revenue up some one percent and a strong cost performance has led to an operating profit up 28.5 percent. While fuel costs in the first six months were down 36 million, they have soared 72 million in the third quarter." on February, 2008. This is based on the above computations done in excel format and copy -pasted to this document.
British Airways PLC is engaged in the operation of international and domestic ferrying of air passengers, freight and other non -human cargo both locally or internationally like the member states of the European Union. The company's flight one hundred forty seven destinations are located in seventy five countries as of March, 2007 yet. As of March 31, 2007, it had fulfilled the air travel needs of over thirty three million passengers. The company had two hundred forty two airplanes flying the European skyline. In terms of strategic management, the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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