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Power and Privilege Homogenous Choice - Essay Example

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It is a fact that diversity remains a social concern within the boundaries of modern America. Everyone from sociologists to politicians seek to understand and encourage the citizens of different cultures to associate with one another. The problem, as I see it, is that while we all live in the same geographical space, we are still human beings…
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Power and Privilege Homogenous Choice
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YOUR FULL YOUR Power and Privilege - Homogenous Choice It is a fact that diversity remains a social concern within the boundaries of modern America. Everyone from sociologists to politicians seek to understand and encourage the citizens of different cultures to associate with one another. The problem, as I see it, is that while we all live in the same geographical space, we are still human beings. As such, we each have our own personal history, values, and traditions; along with a desire to preserve those parts of us that are unique. While racism and prejudice are unacceptable, there must be an allowance for preservation of culture, tradition, and values. I believe that it is possible to respect the differences between individuals and cultures, while retaining the natural comfort level found in individual association. I call this homogenous choice.
As an individual, I am aware of the differences between myself and others. Whether those differences are cultural or behavioral, I know that I can face a dilemma as I react to those differences. Although space does not permit me to delineate all of the possibilities, I think that a consolidation of the ideas comes down to one word: Respect. If my responses to the differences in people I meet, and their unique way of perceiving the world, are respectful of their point of view, I can avoid a negative perspective that includes prejudice or racism. Different isn't bad, it is just different. That said, I don't have to embrace all the differences I encounter; or even like them. I can respect my own perspective as a valid point of view, and extend that same significance to the people I meet.
The guiding principle for me, as for most other people, is personal comfort. I am naturally more comfortable with certain cultures than others, especially my own. In his article on the subject of diversity, David Brooks points out that people are "finding places where [they] are comfortable and where [they] feel [they] can flourish" (30). While he goes on to lament the lack of diversity in American culture, I don't think that it is appropriate to force people out of their personal comfort zones to accomplish a particular diversity goal. If individuals can form a constructive community wherein they are thriving, and do so while respecting the differences of other cultures, I see no reason to artificially press the issue.
I know that diversity is important. Segregation and racism are wrong. I also know that forcing a social agenda upon the American people is not a workable solution. There is a way to respect our differences while preserving our cultural individuality. I believe that individuals should have the right to make homogenous choices in where they live, who their friends are, and how they live their lives. I am confident that living in homogenous comfort is not a threat to diversity as long as we remain respectful of the right of others to do the same. In this non-threatening environment, both social diversity and distinct cultures can peacefully co-exist.
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Brooks, David. "People Like Us." The Atlantic Monthly 292, 2 (2003): 29 Read More
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(Power and Privilege Homogenous Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Power and Privilege Homogenous Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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