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Spatial dynamics of any city have a reciprocal link with social relations. Space is simultaneously objective, subjective, metaphorical, a medium and outcomes of social life, and it is instrumental and essential. In fact,…
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Discuss the importance of racialized space
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Download file to see previous pages Both space and racialized space are very powerful in shaping the society. This paper highlights on importance of race, space and racialized space. It also explores on other related questions.
First and foremost, racialized space as theoretical and practical tool is very instrumental to examination of racialization of various cities in the United States. Racialization is part of everyone’s life after being inscribed in space. In is noteworthy that racial system of privilege and oppression have always included perceptions of space, however, they vary in significantly in varied eras. In the United States of America, particularly in Virginia before racilaization of slaves, African slaves and English indentured servants stayed in same quarters and performed similar duties (Barot & Bird, 2001). The African slaves and the American could also intermarry as a result of race and space. The development of racial chattels was aimed at compelling the colonial rulers to segregate African slaves and English servants. Generally, the separation was social, economic, and legal. The plantations in the late 17th century limited the extent of the spatial separation of the races. One of the most important instances as witnessed during this period was that plantation system was the intimate physical space that the slave masters shared with the enslaved. According to Virginia slave ordinance, demanded that slaves who were manumitted to leave the state (Eduardo, 1997). This was a tacit recognition that freed blacks living in the plantation which would be detrimental to slavery.
Secondly, geographic separation of Native Americans from whites was an instrumental process in seizing native peoples’ lands and converting them to private property and United States territory. This separation was encoded in the policy of the US following the passage of the Indian removal Act in 1830. This creation of geographic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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