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Personal Statement for residency programs post medical school - Essay Example

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Medicine has been a great influence in my life ever since I was a child. My first memories are of walking the halls of the hospital in my hometown, where my mother worked as an office manager for a family practice residency program. I remember being taken under the wing by many doctors and being delighted as they let me observe them tending to their patients…
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Personal Statement for residency programs post medical school
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Medicine has been a great influence in my life ever since I was a child. My first memories are of walking the halls of the hospital in my hometown, where my mother worked as an office manager for a family practice residency program. I remember being taken under the wing by many doctors and being delighted as they let me observe them tending to their patients. This time in my life left a great impression on me, and was to become the first step on a career path which I would soon discover.

As an undergraduate, my first fascination was with the field of psychology. I found that many of the concepts came easily to me and psychiatry could be a career option, hence my decision to take prerequisite courses in pre-medical studies. Here, I found my pre-medical courses much more challenging than any of the other studies I had previously done. I enjoyed the challenge and found great interest in the seemingly infinite amount of knowledge to be gained.

With a growing interest in medicine, I then decided to shadow a number of surgeons. At first, I was fascinated to see the procedures in preparing for surgery. I was impressed with the structure in the operating room. Every detail was handled with absolute precision, ensuring the safety of the patient. I also found that patient care could be heart-warming and was able to envision the type of physician I could become.

My next and most profound experience with medicine happened in 2002 during a volunteer medical mission trip to Ecuador. During the time I was there, we offered free medical examinations primarily to children. Some people came in with no complaints, leaving with vitamins and a greater sense of well-being. Others with more serious complications were appropriately sent to the primary hospital in north Quito. Everyone was treated with the utmost respect. They, in return, offered absolute graciousness, which made the trip all worthwhile. All of the volunteers were delighted to be of assistance. We only wished there was more we could do to help. During this experience I became enamored with medicine, and knew I was on the right path.

My visit to Ecuador opened me up to a new love of traveling. I found that moving beyond my comfort zone made for a rich and rewarding experience. With a new boldness and enthusiasm after returning from Quito, I enrolled to participate in a national student exchange program. Being from the Midwest, I had always dreamt of living in California. This was an excellent opportunity for me to fulfill that dream, and I was eager to do so. While in California, I made many friends from all around the country, with whom I still keep in touch.

After my time in California, I returned to Indiana where I found a job as a phlebotomist. During my experience with phlebotomy, I gained a greater understanding of medicine. During this period, I began to see the big picture and realized how all departments at a hospital come together for one vital purpose; the health of the patient. It was also during this time that I developed an affinity for procedure-based medicine. I took pride in becoming more competent and my increased confidence levels as I gained more experience in phlebotomy. I was eventually able to train others and thoroughly enjoyed the ability to share my knowledge.

Through my time spent in medical school, I realized that I had a very important decision to make. I had to decide what field of medicine to pursue. With much thought, I have come to the conclusion that anesthesia would be the best fit for me. I have always found pharmacology to be fascinating. I get along well with almost everybody. I enjoy being part of a team, and yet have always shown a propensity to work autonomously. I believe anesthesia offers me the opportunity to flourish in an environment best suited for my personality.

This journey has brought me to where I am today. Medical school has been immensely demanding, yet I cannot envision another option that would fit me so well. Here I am able to constantly challenge myself, while adapting to new and unforeseen situations. My knowledge base is constantly growing with time. I look forward to the experience of adapting my knowledge and evolving with the progression of medicine. Read More
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