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The Vision Renewal Process - Essay Example

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Gender discrimination and bias is still one of the main problems faced by women. The experience of most career women, whether they like to admit it or not, is that being viewed as different has meant being viewed as deficient or deviant. No matter how many college degrees they earn, no matter how many hours they work, no matter how they dress or how good their golf game is, they do not seem to have the right stuff…
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The Vision Renewal Process
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Extract of sample "The Vision Renewal Process"

Download file to see previous pages I worries about my future and career opportunities in this company. Taking into account human differences, I understand that the males use paternalism to keep the only woman in "her place". I suppose that negative stereotypes of women cause the men to question female workers' commitment to work. And men are more likely than women to be perceived as "serious" about their careers (Thiederman 49).
The alleged benefits of bias are that it provides me with an excuse of poor sales and inability to become a part of the group. It relieves feelings of guilt and pain caused by (probably) lack of experience in this sphere. Women can be less competent than men in the workplace. When women point out this dilemma, a typical male reaction is that women want it both ways, to be seen as different from men yet to be treated the same as men (Thiederman 64, 70).
I am a good manager who possesses professional knowledge and skills in this sphere. In contrast to the male employees, I have good working experience and have proved that I can sustain good sales and communicate with a team. In general, bias does not compromise my success of sales efforts but lack of communication and interaction with employees (the team) limits my opportunities and access to non-official information. The bias does not put organization at risk of litigation (Thiederman 79, 81).
Step 4. Dissect Your Biases
I suppose that the problems and misunderstanding between male employees and me are caused by sexism and stereotypes. Usually, the male employees assign life roles according to gender. This system fosters sex-related roles that usually relegate men to positions of authority. Although sometimes used only in reference to prejudice against females, sexism means any stereotyping resulting in arbitrary discrimination against females. In a time, I realized that my belief grew out of only sexiest jokes towards other women (not working with the company) and launch time spent together. I understood that these men had worked together for a long time and most of them were friends (Thiederman 88).
Step 5. Identify Common Kingship groups
When I thought about kingship groups, I was surprised when found that many employees liked theater and dance. Three of them were armature dancers and theater goers. Also, I found that three of other men had poor sales also caused by market instability and lack of information about customer groups. Also, we had similar view on ethical and corporate goals, weaknesses and opportunities proposed by the current market situation (Thiederman 110, 112).
Step 6. Shove your Biases Aside
After communication with these men, I knew that they believed that women bring a different viewpoint to work, a special way of leading, a different slant on how products and markets should be developed. They also recognized that women are in the workplace to stay, that they want careers similar to the men. Many men realize that utilizing women more fully is related to their survival. Rather, they are concerned about being able to compete economically. This shift to thinking about the utilization of women ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Vision Renewal Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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