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Understanding of the Vision Process - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Understanding of the Vision Process" states that development of the MRI technique to image the optic nerve has been the discovery that lesion size in length, not depth slows the recovery of the optic nerve. The successful attainment of MRI images also allows for a more accurate diagnosis…
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Understanding of the Vision Process
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Extract of sample "Understanding of the Vision Process"

Download file to see previous pages Rather than utilizing film as does a mechanical camera the eye uses light to process the objects within our field of vision and through this process allows us to see. Figure 1 below displays the various parts of the human eye which we will briefly discuss in the following paragraphs as a general overview before more fully discussing the relationship between the eyes and the brain and how this intricate process allows us to see.
As seen in the above diagram the human eye is made up of several components which when working properly allows us to see. The cornea is found on the outside area of the eye which aids in the focusing of light entering the eye. The cornea itself is a transparent covering which overlays the iris. Between the iris and the cornea lies the aqueous humor which is a clear liquid. The iris is the coloured portion of our eye that results in the categorisation of a person’s eye colour. Although many people view the iris as just that, a colour, it possesses a vital function in the sight process. The iris houses the pupil which is the dark inner circle visible in the centre of the iris. The pupil acts as a ‘shutter’ of the eye and expands or contracts as necessary to allow the proper amount of light to flow into the eye itself (Than, 2005).
Behind the pupil is found the crystalline lens which is held in place by ciliary muscles. The movement of these muscles plays an important part in how we see. As the muscles contract, they push the lens closer together causing it to thicken. This movement allows us to see objects that are very close to us. When we squint that is our attempt to further concentrate the crystalline lens. Conversely, as the ciliary muscles relax, the crystalline lens is able to expand and thin which allows us to see objects at a further distance (Than, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Understanding of the Vision Process Research Proposal.
(Understanding of the Vision Process Research Proposal)
Understanding of the Vision Process Research Proposal.
“Understanding of the Vision Process Research Proposal”.
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