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Primary Schooling - Essay Example

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Primary schooling is the basic foundation of a human being the world today; it has a direct influence on the development and understanding of all basics in a human being or a child to be more specific. Thus the statement stands true without any material prove, as is a fact, that the primary schooling does have a tremendous impact on the understanding and concept development of a child during his childhood.
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Primary Schooling
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"Primary Schooling"

Download file to see previous pages The basic understanding of the development of concepts and understandings within a child's brain are given by two of the most renowned theorists of all time, i.e. Jean Piaget and Vygotsky, whose theories would be discussed and criticized during the course of this report.
The theories presented by these two psychologists i.e. Piaget and Vvgotsky with regards to cognitive development, developed the psychological basis for constructivists approaches for learning and teaching. The believe of constructivism is the fact that a child should himself create and understanding of the world that they live in. The presence of adults is merely to assist the knowledge construction or development process by means of assisting with support and structure.
Piaget was a Swiss psychologist whose major contributions were in the field of developmental psychology and the growth/enhancement of intelligence. His theory for the subject under consideration is mainly concerned with the coming out and attainment of schemes i.e. how individuals in the developing stage perceive the world, in other words, these are the times when children are on their way towards learning the art of presenting the information that they retain. This is also known as the constructivist theory.

This theory fetched Piaget the Erasmus Prize. In accordance with this theory, the like life cycle of understanding can be split into the following four stages:

Sensorimotor stage (years 0-2)
Preoperational stage (years 2-7)
Concrete operational stage (years 7-11)
Formal operational stage (years 11-adulthood)

The basic proposal that came from Piaget had two fundamental principles that in accordance with him provide a path to the intellectual development of a child and these are organization and adaptation. With each enhancement that adds complexity to the thinking and knowledge systems of an individual child, children tend to become more realistic and stay better updated and closer to the environment. It is the process of assimilation and accommodation that ease the adaptation of knowledge.

Assimilation assists in moulding information for its grasp in the existing structure of knowledge. As per the division of childhood stages based on the age group as mentioned previously, elementary and secondary schools is the time period encountered during the age of around 7-11 years.

This theory i.e. of Piaget has been the target for criticism and controversy quite a bit. The major concern has been over the:

Adopted research methods
Adequate equilibrium model fro explanation of changes in the development
The universal reliance on the Piaget's stages

Vvgotsky Theory
Vvgotsky was a Russian born Jewish person. The basic fundamentals of Vvgotsky theory are stated as follows:

Social Cognition
Socio-cultural development of nature
Development of higher mental functions
Types of discourse

The vision of Vvgotsky was the fact that the organization, if want to survive in the long run, would definitely need independence on social interaction, while the stress on social learning leads to cognitive department. He also agreed that culture is a major developing force behind the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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