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Research Proposal on whether children benefit more from staying at home with mum/dad or going to Nursery School - Essay Example

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They either take the place of nannies or pre-schools in most part of United Kingdom. Parents are always faced with challenges as to where they should leave their child when they work to earn a living for the family. While there are…
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Research Proposal on whether children benefit more from staying at home with mum/dad or going to Nursery School
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Extract of sample "Research Proposal on whether children benefit more from staying at home with mum/dad or going to Nursery School"

Download file to see previous pages Other data are to be obtained from psychologists and sociologists. This research aims to answer questions pertaining to the right age, if there is, that a child should be subjected to formal education, the things to be considered when enrolling them and the things they will acquire when parents have done so. Some ethical and legal issues will also be looked upon through out the conduct of observation to give parents points to consider in choosing the ‘right’ school and for nursery schools to gain ideas in what parents look for when it comes to their child’s well being and education.
By the early 21st century, 47 percent of the workforce in the United States is comprised of women, about 64 percent of which in 2002 have children. In many countries of Western Europe, more than 50 percent of women belong to the workforce. (Child care 2006). Such women were often forced to choose between staying home and taking care of their child or working to augment the income and help sustain the family. Thus, nursery school and day care proves to be important, if not a necessity.
A nursery school or pre-school, also known as crèches in United Kingdom and day care in Australia, is a kind of learning institution for very young children usually age five and below. The goal of these schools is primarily to act as guardians when parents or legal guardians are unavailable to watch over their child. It usually refers to ongoing care during specific periods, such as the parents time at work.
Nursery schools seek to teach children early social skills including interpersonal interaction and following simple instructions. In some nursery schools, formal education also takes place, such as reading, writing and language skills, to help in child’s further schooling. These institutions tend to take a more formal structure, with education, child development and discipline. Some provides care for children from several families at the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Proposal on Whether Children Benefit More from Staying at Essay.
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