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Summary Report - Essay Example

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The change plan started with problem identification in we conducted a research to gather information, from the focus work groups. The research helped us to…
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Summary Report
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Extract of sample "Summary Report"

Download file to see previous pages Although we designed this plan carefully, it is clear that, overall, the entire change simulation plan provided poor results, way below our expectation.
A number of change tactics helped us in the implementation process. First, our efforts to conduct a research from the stakeholder and the work groups helped a lot in problem identification. It also gave the workers the motivation to work towards achieving the designed changes. The workers remained loyal during the implementations stage. Secondly, the ability to mobilize the employees by designing an urgency plan was crucial as it attracted their attention of the entire organization to shift their focus on the change plan and reduce their reluctance to change. Since the teams were ready for change, it became easy to work along with them. Monitoring was crucial during this process, as it helped to ensure that the change plan was in due course, hence assisting us to complete the implementation process within the critical time.
One of the tactics that lead limited the results of our action plan is the design of vision and the strategy. The vision and strategy developed were not clear, which made it complex to communicate the vision to not only the managers but also the employees. Understanding the company vision and strategy is very important as this gives the organization a direction that they should follow while implementing changes. Even after repetitive meetings, the managers and the work teams failed to understand the vision of the stage process and this made it quite difficult to implement this change.
In this change simulation plan, we applied the Kotter’s concepts of a smooth change in organization setting. The idea of Kotter that it is crucial to create a sense of urgency worked quite well for this simulation. In creating the sense of urgency, we informed the employees of the changes and helped ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summary Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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