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Effects of Clear Vision on Organizational Performance - Research Paper Example

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The success of an organization is largely dependent upon its ability to instill a sense of direction and unity in all people associated with its operation. In this respect, the presence of an effective vision statement can be shown to directly impact the overall effectiveness…
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Effects of Clear Vision on Organizational Performance
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Extract of sample "Effects of Clear Vision on Organizational Performance"

Download file to see previous pages lay out clear objectives that clearly define the role and function of each individual employee, collective departments, and the future vision for the organization. Employees need to know that what they are doing has value in the overall scheme of things. A clearly defined vision can certainly go a long way towards making that happen, leading to increased staff morale and a purpose and direction in work related endeavors. As this study reflects, it behooves the modern organization to make certain the any such vision is clearly communicated to all stakeholders, and that everyone is one the same page moving forward.
Vision is essential to the success of a business. Without vision, there is no direction. With no direction, there is little sense of where an organization is heading, and even less of an idea as to how it is going to get there. Setting forth a clear vision enables members of an organization to understand what their individuals and collective roles are, and it time a clear vision statement will pay dividends in terms of enhance organizational performance. Even given these indicators, however, it is a bit shocking to discover how many organizations lack this sense of clear vision. Few, it seems, take the time to set out clear objectives and performance targets for all to see. This sense of top down leadership might have executives understanding where they want the organization to go, but the very people charged with the task of actually getting it there are all too often left in the dark. With this reality in mind, it is important to study the role that a clear vision has on the performance of an organization in today’s increasingly global and competitive marketplace.
The purpose of this study is to establish the relationship between a clearly established vision statement and the overall performance level of an organization. This will be primarily accomplished by looking at real life examples of companies with and without clear vision, and how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Effects of Clear Vision on Organizational Performance Research Paper”, n.d.
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