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Resource,learning and talent mgt - Essay Example

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LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Name: Institution Leadership and Management Barker (2001) states, “leadership is a process of energy and not structure. In this way, leadership is different from management. Managers pursue stability while leadership focuses on change” (Barker, 2001, p…
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Resource,learning and talent mgt
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Download file to see previous pages Graphic models, data and regression statistics support studies on leadership. Barker (2001) finds that management and leadership are two diverse topics. The statement by Barker shows that leadership and management cannot be used in an interchangeable manner because of their diverse nature. The differences between management and leadership show that it is difficult for an individual to become a good leader and manager at the same time. Organizations offer platforms for learning and developing effective management and leadership practices. An individual has the capabilities of navigating the two positions with the right knowledge and experience (Darr, 2011, p. 4). Leaders identify possible areas that require change and pursue them. These changes are facilitated by organizational theories of action that enable employees and followers to map their actions. Leadership begins with an individual’s choice to pursue and begin the process of change. Organizations, groups and teams require effective managers and leaders who can successfully run operations. Leaders and managers influence their employee’s job satisfaction and the operations of a learning organization. This means that leaders influence people’s actions and their abilities to map their actions in order to align with expected outcomes. ...
e, Bill Gates assumes the state of both a leader and a manager though the two fields have different definitions, skill sets and behavioral consistency that contribute to effective leadership and management (Lesinski 2009 p. 45). For example, he motivates the workers by setting the vision of the organization, but also participates in providing operational guidelines as evident in the launch of various products within the company (Su-Chao, and Ming – Shing 2007 p. 156). Differences between Leadership and Management Leadership involves acting on possibilities that can influence an organization. This means that leaders see possibilities, describe the possibilities and plan to pursue the possibilities (Lain & Judy 2001 p. 21). For example, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic has assumed the role of a leader by providing a vision that contributes to the growth of the company. This has improved his standing in the society because he seems to understand the needs of the company beyond the management, and administrative roles (Carter 2013 p. 2). Conversely, management occurs as the act of coordinating efforts of people in order to accomplish objectives and goals. For example, the Manager at Bank of America seems to focus on goals stipulated by the administrative entities as well as the vision of stakeholders. He rarely acts on his own since the organization works as a system. Leadership begins with an individual who is willing to act as an agent of change. The main role of a leader is to envision a future and become an agent of change for the achievement of the future. Leadership starts with an individual’s choice to begin the processes of change. According to Dessler (2004), leadership, “is one person influencing another to willingly work towards a predetermined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Resource,learning and Talent Mgt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Resource,learning and Talent Mgt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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