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Performance Management Assignment - Essay Example

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The extent to which the prctices nd processes of humn resource mngement (HRM) cn be trnsferred from one country to nother hs been the subject of considerble debte. This question is of specil interest to multinational computer maintenance company (MCMC) when it seeks to estblish HRM processes spnning different cultures nd countries…
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Performance Management Assignment
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Extract of sample "Performance Management Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages number of studies hve suggested tht, provided the design nd implementtion of PM re pproprite, it hs the potentil to ffect employee ttitudes in wy tht mkes significnt nd positive contribution to compny performnce. Current pper pper provides criticl nlysis of orgniztionl system of performnce mngement bsing on the findings retrieved nd mterils vilble. I first provide theoreticl overview of the term of performnce mngement, then reserch its ppliction to subsidiry compny, finlly comment on chnges of performnce mngement tht re supposedly needed to be implemented into orgniztionl ctivity.
The expression "performnce mngement" ppered in the lte 1980s nd cn be regrded s n extension of "performnce pprisl"-- prctice used to evlute n individul employee's pst performnce. Tody, however, performnce pprisl is considered s one of severl key elements of PM, the others being the communiction of compny strtegy through individul objective setting, links to trining nd development plnning, nd possibly compenstion (Brlow, 2001:501). Despite the fct tht much of the reserch hs been performed within the U.S. context, little reserch hs been crried out on PM in interntionl settings nd even less so in MCMC subsidiries operting in diverse cultures.
This derth of reserch mens tht we know little bout the effects of PM on job stisfction mong employees in MCMC where the mjority of the work force re of host-country ntionlity, nd where the host-country's culture my differ substntilly from tht of the MCMC's home country. Moreover, our limited knowledge of the impct of PM on job stisfction is indictive of the pucity of reserch concerning the ttitudes of host-country employees nd especilly of nonmngeril employees in MCMC. It is well known tht employees with negtive ttitudes re likely to perform poorly, cuse disruptions in opertions, nd eventully jeoprdize the vibility of the orgniztion. Furthermore, it hs been documented tht job stisfction is relted to turnover. s Mendonc nd Knungo (2004) hve noted, job stisfction nd turnover re incresing chllenges for MCMC operting in developing countries, whose lbor mrket lcks mngeril nd technicl tlent.
Vrious spects of PM hve been studied in both the interntionl nd comprtive contexts. For instnce, scholrs hve ddressed such issues s the impct of ntionl culture on mngement by objectives, differences in mngement style nd performnce pprisl in the United Sttes, Indonesi, Thilnd, nd Mlysi (Zhu, Dowling, 1994:2), nd ntionl culture nd its impct on PM/performnce pprisl in Hong Kong, Tiwn, Singpore, Gret Britin, Jpn, Kore, the United Sttes, Mlysi, the Philippines, Indi, nd Chin.
The mjority of these studies, especilly the ones with comprtive ttitudinl dt, hve provided evidence tht culturl differences influence elements of PM nd tht the trnsferbility of PM between countries cnnot be ssumed. However, little interntionl nd comprtive reserch hs exmined ctul effects of PM per se on host-country employees. Consequently, while we know tht MCMCs commonly dopt stndrdized PM policies nd prctices t both their home country nd in overses subsidiries, we do not know wht effect such stndrdized PM hs on host-country employees.
The effects of PM hve received greter ttention in domestic settings, but even there the reserch is limited. Most studies hve commonly concentrted on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Performance Management Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“Performance Management Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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