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Passion of Christ - Essay Example

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Passion of Christ is a movie depicting the passionate life of Jesus Christ. The movie begins with verses from Isaiah book from the Bible (Isaiah 53).The entire movie is developed around these verses. It starts with a painful prayer from Jesus Christ followed by his disciple Judas betraying him…
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Passion of Christ
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Extract of sample "Passion of Christ"

Running head: Passion of Christ PASSION OF CHRIST Passion of Christ is a movie depicting the passionate life of Jesus Christ. The movie begins with verses from Isaiah book from the Bible (Isaiah 53).The entire movie is developed around these verses. It starts with a painful prayer from Jesus Christ followed by his disciple Judas betraying him. Then the tortures and beatings he faces are shown so deeply that it can disturb the viewer's emotions. The movie moves slowly with a gloomy environment. Along his path to the Olive Mountain his life incidents are remembered now and then. Other than that the movie moves along a single stream. Above all the human nature of the Son of God is beautifully expressed in the film through different emotional incidents.

About the story
The film starts with a gloomy environment when Christ cries heavily to save him from the forthcoming danger which makes us get surprised that even Christ was so scared of death. Then his own disciple Judas betrays him and Jesus gets arrested. At this time Peter severs one of the soldier's ears showing his faithfulness to Christ but he himself later on denies Jesus three times which symbolizes our weak human nature. When he is brought before the judges he is fired with a lot of questions but Christ keeps his calm temper. The Pharisees being very determined to put Christ to death bring him to the sheriff. The sheriff hesitates to punish him since his wife had been very much disturbed in her dreams regarding Christ. But unable to withstand the pressure of the Pharisees he immerses his hands in water symbolizing that he has no role in whatever happens to Christ and leaves Christ to the Pharisees. The soldiers torture Jesus so cruelly that when he gets lashed his whole body turns red with wide marks and the scene is so real that it evokes tears. On his way to the mountain where he is to put on cross he remembers various incidents which instigate our emotions. When he carries the cross with him he is tortured and struggles so much that finally another man is asked for help who initially hesitates but later pities Christ. The scene in which Christ is beaten on cross is so cruel and very disturbing. Finally when he is put on cross he asks the Father in Heaven to forgive the sinners as they were unaware of their deeds which shows his ultimate love for humanity and his death is followed by an eerie atmosphere. And finally Christ rises from death and the clothes which were used to wrap his body remain unaltered which expresses the power of Christ
Characterization of people
Jesus Christ's integrity and honor are portrayed throughout the film. The film starts with a painful prayer from the Christ. Then when the soldiers try to capture Jesus, Peter severs a soldier's ear. Jesus shows his honor by restoring his ears. Though he knew Judas is going to betray him he does not stop him whereas Judas betrays him for 30 silver coins which show his lack of integrity. Similarly Peter, who had promised Jesus that he will follow him to death, shows his lack of integrity by denying Jesus.
The Pharisees show their lack of honor by putting an innocent man to death on cross. The soldiers show their dishonor by treating Jesus like an animal .Finally Jesus gets to the peak of his honor when he prays to the Lord to forgive those who put him on cross. Also he accepts the request of one of the other two men on cross to his kingdom thereby showing his kindness for humanity
Characterization of time
The entire movie moves along a single streak of time expect for the events of Jesus' life and his preaching remembered now and then .The sky, the sun and the moon are used to denote transition of time. Jesus Christ is caught on a gloomy night when he offers prayers to God to free him from the evil. Satan appears and signifies the start of evil. Mother Mary also feels that night to be strange and signifying something evil.
When he sees his mother on his way to the judges he remembers a sweet memory with her. Before he is brought to the sheriff, the sheriff's wife gets bad dreams during her night time signifying evil happenings
The climactic scene which was shot in real time, pictures the evilness of the Pharisees and the soldiers. Jesus' body gets pulverized .As he dies the sky turns dark signifying his death. Finally Jesus comes to life which is pictured as a transition from complete darkness to light
Characterization of town and others
The town is dominated by Pharisees who pressurize the judges to put Jesus to death despite the judges asking for a concrete reason for trial. The sheriff though has an intention to free Jesus bows to the pressure of the Pharisees and leaves Jesus in their hand. When Jesus gets very week to carry the cross, the man who helps shows courage by shouting against the soldiers but he himself initially hesitates to help Jesus. The prostitute who gets forgiven by Jesus expresses her gratitude by following him throughout his path
Jesus disciples Peter and Judas deny and betray him respectively at the time of crisis. The soldiers handle Jesus without any kindness and beat him so cruelly. Caipus tears his shirt when he hears Jesus say he is Son of God and accuses him of blasphemy. Mother Mary expresses her affection for Jesus through various acts of love
Thus Jesus Christ sacrificed his life leaving one message for all of us to follow:

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